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Made w/Code Teen & Pre-Teen Girl's Activity

For those of you with young daughters, nieces, granddaughters, or friends with teen and/or pre-teens out there, the Google's Made w/ Code  has a new project out.

Here is a link to Google's latest project.  It may be of interest or a great summer project.  Wonder Woman Made With Code Project

Even if you do not have or know any young girls, you can still support this great cause by volunteering in varying coding clubs in your community or by making donations to support this cause.

Here are a few Wikipedia articles and/or resources you might want to check out to learn more about various projects and organizations.

Made w/ Code

Made w/Code Resources Page

Black Girls Can Code

Girls Who Code

Native Girls Code

P.S. You are never too old yourself to try out some of the fun projects on the Made w/Code site *winks*

Happy Creating