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One of the things I truly enjoy about getting involved in various global Internet-based communities, be they Second Life, Marvelous Designer, GameDev, or, the many other Internet-based communities, is the really cool and fantastic people you are able to meet and chat with. Along the way, you can't help but notice those who are forever assisting others in one form or another.  Miss B is such a person! :-)

Recently, I have been chatting with a woman named Miss B in the GameDev Forum community.  GameDev is a community associated with some Blender courses I am taking from Miss B is also an active participant in the HiveWire3D Community.

Lucky for us, Miss B has graciously shared with me, to share with you, a collection of Blender and Poser resource links, which may be of interest and helpful to you on your modeling and animation journey. 

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Miss B for allowing me to share her collection of resources she has posted on HiveWire , which I know you …