You are in the right place!

Spring has finally arrived here at Hell House Studios despite fits and starts of the weather. The trees are finally leafing out, grass has turned green, bushes are blooming, as the spring flowers peek out and open in all their colorful glory.

It was a long winter for me even though we had very little snow and the temperature while still cold, wasn't terribly bad for Winter.  Winter just seems to be a long slow season for me where I turn inward and do a lot of reading for entertainment.  :-)

So, in an effort to get with the program and TRY (notice the word try...doesn't mean it will happen) to be more a bit more blog worthy, I thought the first step would be to make some changes, even if small ones, might do the trick of sprucing things up a bit.  I thought maybe, if I moved a few things around, it would be refreshing to the eye. I didn't want to refurbish the whole blog because I still remember the frustration of setting the first blog up back in February 2011 (by the way, Happy Belated 6th Birthday to us). I had a difficult time figuring all the settings and how they worked. While I have learned much since then, mostly by fiddling around, I am just not that confident in making a full blown change and messing things up!

When I opened Blogger this morning to see what simple but effective changes I could make, Google proceeded to inform me new themes available. Yay!  New themes are good!  I have never really liked most of the themes available and the thought of making tons of changes had me quaking in fear.  But, what the heck!  In for a penny in for a pound as the saying goes. :-)

Luckily, Google allowed me to easy download the settings for the old boring theme, as well as this new them, saving them my desk top just in case there was a need to go back in time.  After fiddling with it a bit, you can see the changes.  While I am not overly fond of the black background, I think it a bit easier on the eyes or, it is on mine, than the old theme was.  It seems to have a clearer or crisper separation between the articles and allows you to scroll through them quicker.  All the little gadgets and such are now hidden off to the left side of the text to prevent unnecessary clutter, which is why I do like this new theme more than anything.  

To view the gadgets click on the stacked lines icon (circled in red) on the upper left for a new set up items you can scroll through. Click it again or on the semi-transparent blog page on the left to go back to the blog articles.

I hope you enjoy this much needed update to the blog! :-)


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