BLENDER QUICK TIP-Display Lines and Edge Loops!

I don't know if this is something all Blender Beginners do but oftentimes, I will add edge loops objects I am modeling to be used as visual references or alignment guides when I am modeling.  I use some or all of these edge loops as part of object manipulation while others I will delete later on so I don't add unneeded geometry to keep the object low poly. 

As a beginner to Blender, I found it very frustrating not to be able to see these the edge lines and loop cuts of other objects  when I wasn't actively editing. But, I found a solution I am going to share with you.

All objects are currently in Object Mode and you can see no actual lines showing other than the outline of the highlighted cube.

Before Wire Frame Display Has Been Applied

Here is a image of the same two objects in Edit Mode where I am applying loop cuts to the cube. As you can see by the black lines, I have already applied several loop cuts on this cube.

Edit Mode Applying Loop Cuts on Active Object

When I tab back into Object, Mode you will see the same results as the Before loop cuts are seen. :-(

How can I fix this to see the edges and loop cuts? 

NOTE:  You can set the display in either OBJECT or EDIT modes; however, you must have an active OBJECT selected. 

It is pretty simple really...
  1. Select the object you wish to the view lines & edges by right clicking the Object to highlight it.   
  2. In the far right Properties Panel, select the Object Data icon (little yellow looking cube) usually under the Outliner.
  3. Scroll Down to the Display Header  (if it is not open, click the down looking arrow on the left of the word Display)
  4. Put a check mark in both the WIRE and DRAW ALL EDGES boxes.
  5. Now you are good to go! 
  6. To Undo this feature after enabling it, follow the steps 1-3 and in step 4 uncheck Wire and Draw All Edges.
Enabling Wire Frame View for Individual Objects In Blender Works in Edit or Object Mode


Unfortunately, you have to have an active Object in your scene to enable this feature so you cannot set it as default feature to save in the Start-up file.  Plus, you have to do this for EACH object you want to display the edges and lines.  There may be a way to set this feature as a default for your workspace but,  I have not found one yet!

The good news is the lines will not show up when rendered so you do not have to go back to each object and undo this display feature.

MATERIALS VIEW--Eeeewww, lines!

RENDERED VIEW--Look Ma, no lines!
Happy Creating!



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