This week's Weekly Challenge for the Blender Course I am taking over at was Pirate Ships or Galleons.

I can't say I was thrilled with this challenge like what do I know about pirate ships or galleons and, why do I even care?  Something very glaring about the 3D modeling community seems to be it is a male centered world. Most topics seem to center on space ships, weaponry, flashy cars, and other guy sorts of things.  No offense guys but, it would be nice to do a few things we ladies would be interested in modeling!  Maybe some landscaping items such as plants, trees, fountains?   How about various types of buildings?  I personally think a bit of furniture or household items are in order!

So, okay, I decided to do the challenge and contribute to the greater good of the community.  Ha!  I am sure they want me there...NOT!  Anyway, I looked around and I found quite a few ship resources but most were very complex looking ships and was no way I could complete this challenge without some help! I decided my best bet was to look for some guidance over on YouTube where I found a couple of great videos to share with you. 

See what I made!!!!! Okay, it's not a Pirate Ship or a Galleon but, it's a boat at least.  I had a lot of help making this but it didn't turn out to bad if I do say so myself.
My Submission to the Blender Course Weekly Challenge
Below, I have posted two YouTube videos to help you create your own row boats. I found both videos helpful and for the most part, they both use similar techniques to create a row boat. Both videos are purported to be for beginners, although I feel these are somewhat advanced if you are just starting out in Blender with zero knowledge. 

I think of myself sort of an advanced beginner in Blender and I had a bit of difficulty when it came to adding modifiers...not so much adding them but tweaking the settings of each...and following along with adding textures via Cycles.    Thank goodness you can slow the speed down via the little gear looking thing or, you can do lots of starts and stops like I do! :-) It is not quite so scary.  Plus, you DO NOT have to finish the video in one setting, especially if you have problems or getting frustrated.

Please be aware that both videos are lengthy.  The first one by BlenderBrit is about 47 minutes long.  He does not create a full scene as is done in the second video.  Both do show you how to add textures in Cycles to the boat, although BlenderBrit just textures the boat and not a complete scene

While I like both videos, I felt the second one by Kenan Proffitt was the better video for my needs because it created a full scene for rendering (rezzing to photograph).  He spent a lot of time showing you how to add textures via Cycles and explaining the various nodes used.  BUT, it was also an hour and 38 minutes long (1:31:28) Each video offers either a download file or links for textures at our friends over at TEXTURES.COM  

I hope you find these videos useful like I did. 

Remember, give them a like and leave a nice comment!

Happy Creating!

P.S. If you are creating for Second Life (SL), you will not even want to try to upload these high resolution models to SL.  There are too many polygons, which makes it costly to upload and there are way too many polygons and tris to attempt it without some major changes.  But, these videos will give you an idea how to construct a boat so you can rethink how to create lower polygon models.


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