In my last post, July 24, 2016, I was very excited about an online course I started taking over at 3D Modeling-The Complete Blender Creator Course. This is such a great course for beginners that takes you from nothing nothing to advances.  As you can see, I posted the course info and the price, which I purchased the course at, so you could see the reasonable pricing.

I certainly hope many of you took the opportunity to enroll in this course if you are seeking to learn Blender.  Because I was in for a HUGE SHOCK today when I went to the site to copy and post a new screen shot with the pricing back at the original $45.00 USD.  I didn't think it fair to my readers to to continue posting an out-of-date pricing image.

Wow...just...Wow!  I am in a state of shock!

July 24, 2016 Pricing for the Above Course

I WAS going to do on Blender's Cycle Render nodes but after I seen the updated pricing I thought I should let you know the major jump some of the prices, not all, have taken at Udemy. com today. 

August 22, 2016 Pricing for the Above Course
I don't recall, as a student, that I received anything regarding the price increase but, I recently shut those notices off because I was getting so many that were not pertinent.  When I went to research why the price increased so much, I found a blog post from August 15, 2016 entitled Evolving Our Marketplace Pricing By Gregory Boutte, VP of Content.  The blog article states...

..."Starting August 22, we’re expanding the range of list prices and bringing back our popular fixed price, site-wide deals. This expanded price range of $20 – $200 allows us to continue to build a more diverse, dynamic marketplace for students and instructors."... 

..."As always, once you have purchased a course, and keep your account in good standing, you are able to learn at your own pace, and have lifetime access to the course material."...

If you would like to read the article, you can access it at
It appears this is the 2nd pricing restructuring to be implemented since April 2016.

If I wasn't already taking this course, I probably would be very hesitant about the $195.00 price tag.  While I have never taken a university/college based course for computer graphics or 3D modeling, which are much more expensive than $195.00 when I went to college, I imagine The Complete Blender Creator Course would stand against the best of them.  I am still very happy with the course and knowing what I know now, I would pay the updated amount.  

Having said that, it is up to each individual what you invest your money and time in!  I just wanted you to be aware of the updated prices. 

UPDATE: The ODD THING I was able to do when I visited the site, after I posted this article, I was able to purchase a course I had my eye on for $19.00; however, this is one of the courses that the price has gone up to $125.00.  Apparently, you may have 30 days to purchase as the lower price...or...maybe this is just for current students.  I just don't know.

If you are interested in any of the courses at all, you might want to hop over to the Udemy site and see if the prices vary for you. You might still get a deal.  REMEMBER--not all courses are as expensive as the Blender course mentioned.  Browse the site!  It has many different educational courses.

Happy Creating!

P.S. I will get back to the Blender Cycles Render & Nodes soon in my next article. 


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