I will be the first admit my Blender knowledge has been lacking BUT, it is not for lack of pursuing that knowledge for years! :-)  Now, I feel much more confident!  Keep reading and I will tell you why in a bit.

Blender is a very powerful and complex piece of FREE open source 3D modeling software, which is used by both professional and non-professional creators for creating mesh and animations.  While Maya, ZBrush, 3DMax and many others 3D modeling packages may offer differing or refined features, they are also terribly expensive and out of the price range for most of us.

I remember the first half a dozen times I down loaded Blender 2.49 and tried to make sense of it! :-) Amid the inner screams and absolute terror, I would quietly shut down the software and uninstall it.  There were so many buttons and settings plus the interface looked so wonky and unfamiliar, I was lost even before I got started.  I was so very much intimidated.

Then...Blender 2.50 came out and now we are up to 2.77 with tabs!  The interfaced looked so much better but still, there were all these buttons and things to contend with.  But, being a determined girl, I tried meddling around with it after having taken a class at Builders Brewery in Second Life.  I didn't get very far though because there is so much to learn about where everything is and frankly, without a bit of direction, I get lost pretty easily.  It is like my imagination of what to create just stops and stares at the Blender screen waiting for some inspiration.


Anyway, after missing around, off and on for quite a few years, I am backing mucking around with Blender again.  I don't know about anyone else but I seem to have creative and non-creative cycles.  I will go for months just being meh with nothing more strenuous than reading some trashing novel for hours on end then slowly, as the circle turns, I get more interested in creating again.

So, if you are like me DON'T GIVE UP!  I am here to share with you something I found last week that might just be right for you and build your Blender confidence like it has mine. I have learned so much in such a short period of time!

I can count the number of beginning Blender tutorials I have taken over the years from Youtube not to mention paid courses on Lynda.com https://www.lynda.com/ or Digital-Tutorials http://www.digitaltutors.com, CG Cookies https://cgcookie.com/  and other places. I got bored pretty quickly, didn't like the instructors of the courses, the courses felt to technical or, just didn't feel right.  Seems most the modeling industry is male oriented, which is fine but, leaves a lot to be desired if you are female taking these courses.

So, while I was browsing beginner Blender tutorials last week on YouTube, I ran across one of those annoying ads they run before your chosen video and found one for Udemy.com.  Being bored or maybe I just clicked the wrong button and went to the site and started browsing around and found the following course.

Yes, this is a PAID course.  https://www.udemy.com/course-library/

But, it has been worth every penny I paid for this course.  Most courses are on sale till the end of July....I think.  I went ahead and signed up for this course simply because it was on sale and like the course outline.  I wasn't really expecting much and was a bit confused about pricing.  Unlike other places, you pay a flat, one time fee, for the lifetime of the course, which for me is much better than those 29.99 to 49.99 monthly fees for as many classes as you can take per month.

Okay, I signed up and started watching the online videos.  The course is taught by two professionals from the UK and slowly takes you from installing Blender, setting up your user interface, how to move around, before taking you onto project creation.  Those of you with some Blender experience my be bored in the beginning but, as the ad states, it is a comprehensive course and moves along rather nicely.

The videos are fairly short and the player is simple to use. There can slow down the speed if necessary or rewind fairly quickly.  You can also bookmark particular areas of interest to come back to when you want.  An area to ask questions, which are answered but not swiftly unless a fellow student answers.  There is also a community where you can post your work, talk to others, post questions, etc.  I really like what you get for your money.

I really can't say enough about this class and the gentlemen doing the class.  Both are very professional and teach other courses.  I like the fact they too make mistakes and show you how those mistakes can be fixed.  I think most of the classes also have preview lessons you can try.

Udemy also has other courses for things like GIMP, Photoshop, Excel, Learning foreign languages, writing, etc.  Prices, are pretty modest in comparison to similar online learning ventures and much less pricey than university or college courses.

P.S. By the way, I learned to model this complete chess set from the Blender Course; you can too!

Happy Learning and Creating


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