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I will be the first admit my Blender knowledge has been lacking BUT, it is not for lack of pursuing that knowledge for years! :-)  Now, I feel much more confident!  Keep reading and I will tell you why in a bit.

Blender is a very powerful and complex piece of FREE open source 3D modeling software, which is used by both professional and non-professional creators for creating mesh and animations.  While Maya, ZBrush, 3DMax and many others 3D modeling packages may offer differing or refined features, they are also terribly expensive and out of the price range for most of us.

I remember the first half a dozen times I down loaded Blender 2.49 and tried to make sense of it! :-) Amid the inner screams and absolute terror, I would quietly shut down the software and uninstall it.  There were so many buttons and settings plus the interface looked so wonky and unfamiliar, I was lost even before I got started.  I was so very much intimidated.

Then...Blender 2.50 came out and now we are up to 2.…


MADE WITH CODE has a new project out!  Emojify!!!

While this project is geared to younger girls, it is something young and old alike can have fun with. Here is the emoji I just rock star artist emoji.

It is easy to get started just follow this link and start having fun!

Yes, I want to make an emoji!

Note: Parents, Teachers, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Older Cousins, Family Friends, if you want to learn more about MADE WITH CODE and/or become involved, see the limited screen shot below of their about page.  You can follow the above link then chose from the tabs at the to find more information about MADE WITH CODE and other projects your child can do. 

I encourage you to read this important information and get involved in our future.  These are simple fun projects to expose girls about science and technology.  Our children are our future so help our future be the best it possibly can!

Happy Creating!