Earlier today, I posted a video series by BornCG from YouTube.  I wanted to post a few additional video tutorials and resources because in part, not only do I use it to share with others, I also use this blog as a huge filing cabinet of information for me to refer back to in the future.

As I have been working my way from the beginning today, (it never hurts to go back to the beginning) BornCG got to the dreaded part about lighting, UVs, materials, textures *shudders* and the part about the Cycles Render in Blender. I am lucky to be able to apply different materials to my mesh so I can just texture them appropriately in Second Life or InWorldz!  Yes, I now have a presence in InWorldz or, at least an updated one and will tell you about it in the near future!

Trying to do textures in Blender seems to be a fricking nightmare for me!  And, before I watched the videos posted below, no one could tell me how to scale textures in Blender. This gentleman made a pretty scary and complex subject a lot less scarier when it come to Cycle Render in Blender.

While I don't understand it all, I am out researching to find written reference sources of what all the nodes are, what they are suppose to do, and how you are suppose to use them. I couldn't find any before but you have to know what your are looking for to be able to find them!  LOL...yes, I am a bit backwards at times.  Anyway, if anyone has a resource they want to share, IM me in Second Life or InWorldz (name is the same in both places) with your links and I will update this article to share.

FYI--These videos are from BornCG's Blender 2.7 Tutorials on YouTube (he has lots and lots) and they are geared towards Beginners. I have tried to post those videos related to UV Unwrapping, Materials, Textures, Lighting etc.  While you do not have to watch the entire series, I would suggest you go through the listed videos in order because he does create a foundation he builds upon.

Here are a couple of resources for your regarding the various Blender Cycle Render Nodes.  I will add to this area when more pop-up

Blender Guru-This is a very good and detailed resource and very helpful! the Blender Reference Manual...I am sorry but this is too technical for me but may be useful to you. really don't know anything about this site but this article appears to be somewhat helpful. 

Happy Blendering!


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