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The Materials Smuggler--Textures for Second Life

The Materials Smuggler 
 Professionally crafted textures & materials maps for Second Life. SLURL FOR THE MATERIALS SMUGGLER
I wanted to share with my Readers, especially those builders out there, a new texture and material resource in Second Life.  
Some of you may already know OptimoMaximo and have taken classes from him at Builders Brewery.  Optimo is a long-term SL Resident , who has taught many SL Residents how to use Blender from beginning Blender classes teaching the basics through rigging and skinning, modeling, and texturing of mesh clothing. Recently, he has started teaching beginning Maya classes at Builders Brewery to better prepare SL creators for the new Sansar platform (affectionately called by many Second Life 2). 
Aside from teaching Blender and Maya classes, Optimo is a professional CG artist in real life (RL),  who has worked in the industry for over 10 years.  He shares his knowledge and experience of a complicated and complex workflow through his classes with those …