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Today, we are going to focus on a new web-based product that was released on November 16, 2015 by the Lori Griffiths on her website...

I don't know if you are familiar with Lori and the work she does but you are really missing out if you haven't watched her Marvelous Designer tutorials on YouTube or, visited her website.

I am probably extremely biased because I love the clear and simple instructions and explanations shes provides. There is something about her peaceful and professional manner that makes me feel secure in the knowledge I will be able to follow along and learn from her. Something that can't be said for many YouTube videos. I know when I watch one of Lori's videos I will actually learn something and not be totally confused!

Since I AM BIASED, I don't mind saying Lori probably has the best beginning tutorial on Marvelous Designer (MD) out there. If you follow along her clear and concise instructions, you won't spend precious time in MD flailing around like I did. Even if you have used Marvelous for awhile, I would still suggest you watch this video. I had been using the product for about a year and a half before I accidentally stumbled across it and learned quite a few things I didn't already know.

And, the best news is, Lori has MORE educational MD videos beside the absolute beginning one! But, truly, check out YouTube and her website for videos. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Okay, okay, I will stop ranting now and get to the point of this particular blog post.

If the great videos weren't enough, Lori has also created a MD Help forum, which I prefer to use for questions I don't know how many of you have tried to post questions over at the official MD forums, I always felt like those forums were not terribly friendly for beginners or hobbyists. Asking for information about MD for Second Life always felt like it was poo pooed and dismissed. Also, the forums seemed to be filled with industry professionals, while not a bad thing, but, the answers I got were either non-existent or some sort of tech speak I had no clue what they were talking about. Plus, every time they redid the MD website, actual historical information was lost. I didn't find it helpful nor encouraging as a beginner and a hobbyist.

Lori's MD Help forum seems to be a bunch of folks just like myself helping each other as they can. I know I have posted some very odd questions most of the time and am happy to hear various ideas and opinions from around the world. If I were you, I would go visit the forum, become a member, bookmark the site, and become a regular contributor. Yes, we all have something to contribute.

Okay, so Lori has a great set of tutorials, she has a user friendly forum to ask questions and now, she has a wonderful NEW PRODUCT she is sharing for FREE...yes, I said FREE...with everyone.

Oh, what has she created?

If you are familiar with Lori's videos, you will know that she does a tutorial set on using a product called QCad to create patterns blocks or, "slopers" for use in Marvelous Designer, which is how real world designers go about creating the clothing we wear. Slopers are basic pattern shapes for such things as bodices, sleeves, skirts, pants or dresses, and are fitted to a particular model (or, in the real world human body). These basic patterns shapes can be altered to make different types of clothing.

The QCad tutorials showed you how to create and use these slopers. It seems like a useful program and is about 33.00 Euros or approximately $35.00 US dollars. Personally, the stumbling block for me was having to learn yet another software program and not the cost of the program. To be quite honest, I purchased the program and I flailed around with it for a day or two and gave up on it. But, if you need an inexpensive Cad program, give it a try.

Does a drum roll for the NEW FREE PRODUCT...

On Lori's Fearless Maker's website (see above for URL), Lori has created a Pattern Maker Tool...NO extra software create basic pattern shapes.

Visit the Fearless Makers website, click on Pattern Maker tab, on the the menu, then click on Pattern Maker Tool to access the built in web feature. When it pops up, chose the sex of your model, pattern, then plug in the numbers for each of the measurements...push the save measurements and draft pattern.

Need help with the measurements? Don't understand the process? Lori has both written and video instructions on the Pattern Tool tab. She even explains how to use your newly created pattern pieces in Marvelous Designer for a good fit.
What are you waiting for? Go visit this useful site sure to share it with your friends!

Happy Creating!







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