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Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Readers, 

I wish to thank each and everyone of you this Thanksgiving Day for your continued support of this Blog!  I am very thankful to have such wonderful Readers, who find information in this Blog useful.  

I am also thankful to those of you out there, who take the time to share to share with us varying tutorials, ideas, answer questions, and How Tos from Marvelous Designer, to Blender and Maya, to other useful information for Second Life and beyond.  Thank you, Garvie, Haven, Optimo, Lori & Wayne, Folks on the MD Help Forum (not affiliated with Marvelous Designer forums), CGCookies Folks, Gaia Clary, Eleanora, Cathy Foil...the list could go on on and on...I have learned so much from each of you not just this year but past years as well! 

I want to take this time to wish ALL my Readers a very enjoyable and safe Happy Thanksgiving holiday, 

Happy Creating!

Marvelous Designer Pattern Maker

Good Morning Everyone,

Today, we are going to focus on a new web-based product that was released on November 16, 2015 by the Lori Griffiths on her website...

I don't know if you are familiar with Lori and the work she does but you are really missing out if you haven't watched her Marvelous Designer tutorials on YouTube or, visited her website.

I am probably extremely biased because I love the clear and simple instructions and explanations shes provides. There is something about her peaceful and professional manner that makes me feel secure in the knowledge I will be able to follow along and learn from her. Something that can't be said for many YouTube videos. I know when I watch one of Lori's videos I will actually learn something and not be totally confused!

Since I AM BIASED, I don't mind saying Lori probably has the best beginning tutorial on Marvelous Designer (MD) out there.…


After a year or so hiatus, I recently started getting back into creating things for Second Life.  Having remodeled my in-world store for my Plaine Jaine clothing line, I started working on new clothing items to sell both In-World and on Second Life (SL) Marketplace.  While working on a Winter garment package, I couldn't find the desired mesh jewelry components I needed to create some simple jewelry to go along with the clothing. What I needed was a very simple hoop earring, how hard can that be to create. Right? 

So, I went on a hunt for Blender tutorials, both on the web and on YouTube.  Imagine my surprise when I didn't really find anything for SL.  Oh sure, there are lots of jewelry videos on YouTube that showcase SL Merchant Jewelry, some sculpty jewelry making, or, how to make jewelry for the real world and/or 3D printing but nothing specific for Second Life.  I did find a video  by Torley Linden on how to make prim jewelry in-world, but nothing I needed that was specific …