After grumbling and growling...A LOT....I began researching information about the 3-D modeling software called Maya.  I know just what every hobbyist SL creator needs is another software package learn, right?  Well, if the rumors are true, SL2 will make use of said software, which ain't cheap!  I am sure there is a very good reason, besides alienating beginning or new Second Life (SL) creators, for this rumored choice in the new platform. Unfortunately, my technical expertise is such I don't see the reasoning behind this. I pray that LL is making a good choice as part of their business model and not trying to block out beginning creators.  Creativity is such a part of the current world and a huge draw to many.

So, rather than just keep complaining about it, I have set out to see what I can learn about this software, which is completely new to me.  Fortunately, as part of higher education, I am able to have access to this software.  And, I apologize to those of my readers, who do not have or will not have access this costly product. 

If you read yesterday's post on the Beginning Maya videos created by Haven Ditko, Maya seems to be the wave of the future, at least for SL Residents.  Currently, Haven's Maya video series is in it's infancy.  Haven has always provided simple, compact information, and easy to follow instructions to learn  Blender to follow for many of us to understand; she is now doing the same for Maya.  While we await more videos from Haven (yes, videos take a lot of time to least they would me), I started looking elsewhere for information Maya.

I have fallen back to sone of my old ways and searched to see if Jason Welsh had anything on Maya.  I encountered Jason's work via iTunes University when was looking to learn more about Blender a couple of years ago.  I really enjoyed those videos and was hoping he had something similar with Maya.  We are in luck!

Jason has a whole series on using Maya, albeit several years old, the interface appears to be the same in Maya 2015.  I have had no trouble following this video series in my version. From what I can gather, Jason is a college level educator with a lot of experience teaching 3D Modeling.  His YouTube site is overflowing with videos of all sorts from Blender to Maya to Unity to ZBrush and then some.  Each video series is comprised of many video, the one listed below is actually a set of 94 short videos to watch and learn. 

Here is the introduction to his Maya Course.

0001 Maya2011 (Menus).mov
By Cannedmushrooms (aka Jason Welsh 
Published  May 15, 2010

If the video doesn't play here try this URL

I have difficulty finding anything on his site he has so many videos and series so I use play list mode to search.  When I find the video, I immediately go into series and save the playlist so I can find it easily in my personal playlist area. 

Happy Creating!


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