Today, I thought I would present more about pattern creation with Marvelous Designer 4 (MD).  I been watching a lot of videos this past week discussing things from fabric qualities, MD fabric presets, pattern tracing to using QCAD to create mesh clothing for my avatar in Second Life using MD.  In the process of watching all of these videos, I remembered a YouTube video I had seen long time ago, actually created by a Second Life member.  This is not so much about how to draft your own pattern but take an existing RL pattern and converting it for use with Marvelous Designer.

I believe Ashasekayi (no, I don't know her full SL name) use to teach a How to make a Chinese lantern using Blender class at Builders Brewery quite a few years ago.  I have not seen this class repeated in recent times so I do not know if she is even still in SL.  I do know from reading the Marvelous Designer forums in the past she use to be quite active and assisted people quite frequently on that forum but see no recent activity.  Looking at her YouTube site, I do not see any videos posted newer than 3 years ago (2011-2012).  Like all of us, Ashasekayi may have moved on to other things or her RL gotten so busy she is no longer able to share with us like she use to. 

This particular video is using Gimp,( a free open source graphics program similar to Photoshop.  You do not have to use Gimp to follow this video, but, it will require you do some translation between it and the graphics software you are using.  Remember, like any other software, it takes time to learn it to be good at it.  But, I think if you follow the steps in the video, this will work for you.

While this is an older video (2011) and uses an older version of Marvelous Designer, age does not negate the technique.

When opening file, merely open your pattern image.  The default for Gimp (I just downloaded the newest version (GIMP 2.8.14 for Mac Yosemite) out of the box already has the Resolution set at 72.00 but, if you need to change this setting, you can change it as Image > Image Scale when changing the rest of the settings as you watch.  Aren't Stop & Pause great features for videos?

MD Pattern Series: Using 1:1 Scale 
By Ashasekayi
Published May 22, 2011


If the above video does not work for you, try the following link

Since I am not a Gimp user, I ended up going back to Photoshop to create my first pattern.  In Photoshop, you follow the same steps basically, Image > Image size and change your settings in the text box it brings up.  When drawing the Test Pattern Box in Photoshop, you change the size in the top header information for H: (height) and W: (width)...right click each box to change to millimeters.  

This method works pretty well, although my pattern was a bit large for the Standard SL Avatar around the next area and a bit tight under the arms. I think if you will play around and experiment with the insert box size, you may find a better fit with your custom Avatars out of the box when creating patterns for them. 

Just a note, if you are interested in the MD Avatar dimensions links posted under more for the video, they do not work.   Over the past few years, MD has had some forum changes, and previous content no longer exists...a HUGE shame in my opinion.  

Remember folks, TUTORIAL CREATORS are VALUABLE LEARNING RESOURCES for us.  The majority of Tutorial Creators are not paid to do these videos.  They give of their free time to share the skills they know with those of us who are trying to learn these skills.  

Please leave positive feedback! 
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Be sure to LIKE Ashasekayi's site while you are there and add it to your own playlist for future reference. 

Happy Creating!


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