5-25-2015 I am updating my original blog post due to new information from Gaia Clary, who is the original creator of this set of videos.  I have posted the newest video at the bottom so they run in order.  Where I have updated or added text, I will try to italicize for your convenience. 
Gaia Clary has posted a couple of very informative short video discussing Second Life (SL) Bones & Collision/Volume Bones.  Her latest video discussed rigging an she made for this particular set of tutorials.  I thought I would share these with you in case you miss them via other sources.   

Please note, as newer videos in this series becomes available, I will continue to update this post so you will have them in order and future resources.

For those of you new to mesh clothing, especially fitted mesh, I think this a must see video.  It gives you a short explanation regarding the SL bones and the hidden collision/Volume bones and a bit about how they work.  There is even a teaser at the end of the video on the possibility of a future video on using this information to create a fitted mesh outfit. Yay!

An Unexpected Journey into Fitted Mesh
By Gaia Clary
Published May 16, 2015

I, for one, look forward to a new set of videos using Avastar for creating a fitted mesh outfit for SL. While I love and admire her for how creative and intelligent she is, I have difficulty following or finding simple information when I need it on Gaia's website.  

Gaia is so far advanced in her technical knowledge from me it is not even funny.  The vast amounts of information on her website overwhelms me.  It makes me want to give up the quest for knowledge but, I won't.  I like learning and love it when I finally understand something.   I know others don't seem to have this TMI problem or, sorting it out but, like me, maybe you do.  Just keep plucking away and asking for information that makes sense to you. I will NOT be defeated.

Of course, I am not a spring chicken in RL anymore so some things just do not click as easily as they once did. I do enjoy learning but, I need a simple workflow and How To...all the other WHY (technical) information I do not care about nor do I want to know at this point.  As time passes and experience is gained, I am better able to comprehend the technical information.   I think the same goes for everyone. 

I know it is difficult  to accommodate all learning styles when trying to teach others such a complicated subject as Blender, mesh creation, rigging, skinning etc for Second Life.  You have to pick a target audience and create for that audience.  Really, the point of my blog currently is providing educational information about Blender, Marvelous Designer, and Second Life and, at times, a reinterpretation of presented information by others is a more simplified format.  Of course, I probably do TMI as well!

LOL by the time I actually get this all down, SL will probably be extinct. 

Journey to fitted mesh (Part 2)
By Gaia Clary
Published May 24, 2015 

If you are unable to view this video via the blog, you can view it in YouTube at the following link. https://youtu.be/xHAzP6RJNE8

Anyway, give it a watch.  I think we can all learn something from it. 

Happy Creating!


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