I have been working a bit more in Marvelous Designer 4 the last week or so and have a few tips I want to share with you.  This may be old stuff to most of you or, if you are who may be learning the software.

TIP #1--Watch Videos

Marvelous Designer is pretty easy to get started with.  You can make your first garment in no time at all.  There are lots of tutorials on YouTube that will help you learn some of the basics.  I suggest you search out these videos, watch them a few times, BOOKMARK them. Do this BEFORE you download the 15 day trial so you will not waste time getting the feel of the product and creating some stunning hauteur couture!

TIP #2  Freeze Pattern

This is a nifty trick I picked up from a Marvelous Designer course I took online. This will FREEZE the pattern piece(s) as they are and they will be held in place. Simulation will not make frozen pieces drape or change their state.

1) In the simulation window, CLICK the pattern piece  or (shift and click to add a group of pieces) you wish to freeze.


HOWEVER, when you do simulate your other pieces, IF they are sewn to a piece(s) you have frozen, the other pieces will still simulate to the frozen pieces. This can be a

TIP #3 Deactivate Pattern

Another nifty trick I learned, is DEACTIVATE, which is similar to FREEZE, but when enabled on a piece or pieces, nothing will be able to interact with those pieces when simulation is turned on.  The other pieces will simulate but not to the DEACTIVATED piece or pieces.

TIP #4 Strengthen

Gosh, I wish I had known this a long time ago.  Strengthen can be a godsend for those slippery pieces that don't seem to want to stay where you put them.  Pinning is fine for some things but can be tricky if you are trying to add then while simulating pieces.

Again, select your piece or pieces, Right Click, and chose Strengthen.  To turn it off, repeat the process and Un-Strengthen.

TIP #5 Name you Pattern Pieces & Fabrics

I never really bothered to name my pattern pieces since I been began using Marvelous Designer.  I really saw no point in doing so...I knew which pieces were what...if I didn't, I just clicked on them to see which was which.  LOL...I learned the hard way the other day the importance of naming your pieces.

Why is naming your pieces so important?

Recently, I went to export a file.  I had two items I wished to export...a shirt...and a skirt.  I did NOT want to export these as a single item.  I wanted two SEPARATE pieces of clothing for mix n match wear that could be interchanged with other items. 

When I went to export, you have some choices what to export and how you wish to export them.  You can uncheck the pieces you don't wish to the AV for example.  Imagine my surprise, when I had all these pattern pieces that were numbered but not in any particular order.  Was no way I could export as two separate pieces unless I left then unwelded, which I didn't want to do.

A lot of grumbling and bad words filled the air when I had to go back and name each of my pattern pieces, while not a huge deal, it was pretty frustrating and a bit time consuming.  So, take a lesson from me, name your pattern pieces as you go. 

Hope these Tips will help you in your creative endeavors!



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