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I have been working a bit more in Marvelous Designer 4 the last week or so and have a few tips I want to share with you.  This may be old stuff to most of you or, if you are who may be learning the software.

TIP #1--Watch Videos

Marvelous Designer is pretty easy to get started with.  You can make your first garment in no time at all.  There are lots of tutorials on YouTube that will help you learn some of the basics.  I suggest you search out these videos, watch them a few times, BOOKMARK them. Do this BEFORE you download the 15 day trial so you will not waste time getting the feel of the product and creating some stunning hauteur couture!

TIP #2  Freeze Pattern

This is a nifty trick I picked up from a Marvelous Designer course I took online. This will FREEZE the pattern piece(s) as they are and they will be held in place. Simulation will not make frozen pieces drape or change their state.

1) In the simulation window, CLICK the pattern piece  or (shift and click to add a group of pieces) …


One thing that I really like about Marvelous Designer (MD) is you can save your entire project in one file in one file, which is not only a time saver but very convenient.  Saving your work as a Project will include your garment, the pattern pieces for the garment, and a copy of the model you were working from.  It also may save objects you have in your scene, but I personally have not worked with other imported objects yet so am not 100% sure of this.  You will need to try it yourself...send me an IM in-world and let me know.  Also, I believe if you have the most expensive professional version of the software it will also save any animations you have added. 

One of the huge benefits of using project files is if you are going to use different models, such as the 5 SL Standard Sizes.  Yes, I know "fitted mesh" is suppose to be the grand thing but, it doesn't always work well with all AV.  My suggestion and that of others is make a couple of sizes of "fitted mesh"…


I am back on the Blender Learning Train..I think!

Before I post the video I want to share with you my latest project.  It is the cause of finding the elusive weight painting skills for the dress to work properly.

WEIGHTED--Avastar Add-On Blender
MODEL--Morgaine's Custom SL Avatar
TYPE--Maternity; 6 month; single child
MESH--Fitted SL Mesh
TEXTURED--MD4; Adjusted in-world. 
EXTRAS--Lola Appliers 

We all know I am SLOW so, this took me a couple of days from beginning to end before I had a decent dress.  Sshhh...yes, I am still fiddling with it!  :-P 

Anyway, here is a video on weight painting with a few helpful suggestions.  Medhue has been a long time SL resident and does some really great animations for SL.

Rigging & Weighting in Blender with Avastar by Medhue

Hope you find this helpful.  IF the video does not play, you can follow this link to find it.


I don't know about anyone else, but I have gotten really tired of the Marvelous Designer Avatars I import  looking so blah.  The gray or white looking Avatars makes it really hard to work with the white pattern piece you create.  Granted, you can colorize or add a texture when creating your pieces, still the AV looks blah!  Often, it makes it difficult for me to visualize how things should be placed without some discerning visual markers. 

If you feel the same way, you may be interested in watching the following video Haven Ditko created earlier this summer.  Many of you from Second Life may know Haven or, attending some of her classes when she was teaching at Ditko University and/or Builders Brewery.  Haven has always provided beginners with useful and helpful information with Blender and now Marvelous Designer. 

In this video, Haven will show you how to prepare an Avastar AV in Blender to accept new materials, export from blender, import to Marvelous Designer, and how to add a tex…


I was having some issues with being able to trace a real life pattern in Marvelous Designer.  I haven't been using Marvelous Designer much due to other projects going on in Second Life over the summer.  So, when I went to work on a maternity mesh item, my brain was just dead and could not figure it out on my own. One of those "Oh Crap" moments when I forgot some very simple things! I encountered this issue before and found the answer I needed at that time.  Of course, since I didn't post it to the blog, I had to hunt.

So, with my best friend Google and YouTube, we went in search of a solution via video and/or instructions. I still did not find the video I was looking for, which I believe was created by Haven Ditko and was posted on YouTube, her website or Ditko University. If I remember correctly, and often I don't,  I had to watch Haven's video several times before...ding, ding, ding...I became enlightened. Naturally, I couldn't find it! If I do find it a…