I have been evaluating a few online instruction courses on various subjects, such as Blender and Marvelous Designer.  While there are some really great YouTube tutorials out there, most are created by non-professionals like you and I may be.  Most of these videos are creatively good and extremely worthy of watch.  The best part of YouTube videos is they are FREE.  However, most of these videos are either piecemeal, meaning they may only teach you a small part of something you wish to learn.  They may be shoddily done and be confusing.  Or, they may do a great video leaving you hanging for more and never get around to providing other videos you need to learn a particular software.

Much of what I have learned has either been taking classes in Second Life, at either Ditko University or Builders Brewery, various recommended tutorials found on Google or those in YouTube.  But, I wanted something more.  I wanted to take a course on a subject that took you from beginning to end.  I didn't want videos that assumed I knew anything about the subject, I wanted a beginners series.  I wanted something consistent so I began looking around at some of the educational sites like and Digital-Tutors for paid tutorials/courses.

I have taken courses at both of the above mentioned sites. I would encourage you to explore both sites to see what is on offer that might be of interest to you.  In my estimation, is oriented to more commercial business since their offerings include things such as Microsoft Office, IT training, Marketing, Photography,and some 3D modeling.  The Blender courses I have tried are pretty good for the most part.  Digital-Tutors is geared more towards 3D modeling and digital graphics.

The plus of both of these educational resources is you can buy a month by month subscription, although both offer a yearly options I believe.  Granted, these subscriptions are NOT FREE but they are not overly expensive either compared to take online college courses.  Also, you can chose from basic subscriptions where just the videos are included or a Premium subscription where downloadable materials and models may be included in each course.   As of the date this is posted, the monthly subscription price for Basic subscription on is $25.00 USD and the Premium is $37.50.  For Digital-Tutors, Basic is $29.00 per month and Premium is $49.00.

Another plus for me was, I only had to sign up for a month and could cancel after that first month, AS LONG as you cancel the account BEFORE the next time your credit card or Paypal is to be charged.  The account will still be available till the end of your 30 days then be inaccessible. 

The downside to me was, did not recognize very well my Visa gift cards I was trying to use for this experimental learning project; whereas, Digital-Tutorial does a much better job.  However, neither site allowed me to use multiple gift cards that had set amounts to be used.  It would not allow me to use the entire balance of a set amount card then take from an additional Visa gift card, which to me was very annoying.  If you are going to do multiple months, you may be better off using your Paypal account or a regular credit card.

Both Lynda and Digital-Tutor have Blender courses for videos...ONLY Digital-Tutor has a Marvelous Designer course.  It is a pretty basic course and if you know anything at all about using MD it may be a waste of your money.  You may be better off using MD videos from their site or, ones you find on YouTube.  The course looks like one I saw privately offered some months ago but was too expensive for me to shell out monies to a private individual.  I prefer to stick with larger companies with a reputation. While I am familiar with MD, I did learn some things I didn't know about the MD Property Panel, working with internal shapes, and a few other things most seem to include.  While this is a professional course, the author didn't do such a great job of being professional.  Lots of little annoying things he should have known prior to doing the videos but, all an all it was good to watch.

Anyway, give various places a look if you are interested and have the funds to enhance your knowledge.

Happy Creating!


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