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I have been evaluating a few online instruction courses on various subjects, such as Blender and Marvelous Designer.  While there are some really great YouTube tutorials out there, most are created by non-professionals like you and I may be.  Most of these videos are creatively good and extremely worthy of watch.  The best part of YouTube videos is they are FREE.  However, most of these videos are either piecemeal, meaning they may only teach you a small part of something you wish to learn.  They may be shoddily done and be confusing.  Or, they may do a great video leaving you hanging for more and never get around to providing other videos you need to learn a particular software.

Much of what I have learned has either been taking classes in Second Life, at either Ditko University or Builders Brewery, various recommended tutorials found on Google or those in YouTube.  But, I wanted something more.  I wanted to take a course on a subject that took you from beginning to end.  I didn't…