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Here is a new video from Gaia Clary regarding the Sparkles Blender Add-On.

Gaia's tools are always a good thing!

Happy Creating!


Sometimes, when you start new long-term projects, you say to yourself "I will faithfully work on this each and every day/week/month" then reality sets in.  *grins*

Yes, I have been away for the summer and pretty lax in posting anything. It is due to opening and administering a role play area in Second Life. When you can't find role play you enjoy or, what to share something with others, what can you do but create it yourself, which is what I have been doing.  Most of my time has been devoted to building this venue beginning this past April.  While I am still creating items and building for this venue, my time is starting to be a bit more open.  

With Fall upon us, the weather is starting to cool and is less time to be outside.  Shortly, I will be starting to apply myself to learning more about Marvelous Designer 4 and will share that here.  Also, I hope to improve my Blender knowledge and maybe it will sink in better this time.  I just have to keep plugging away at it …


If you haven't heard by now, Marvelous Designer  (MD 4) has been released. Whether you are an old hand or, new at virtual clothing design and creation, you may want to take the time to take a look at this new release.  

 A free 15 day trial version is available. WARNING to MD 3 may want to do some research before downloading the trial for MD 4.  I don't always understand how the upgrade work and would not wish you to mess up your current MD 3 license if you have one.

Also, it looks like there has been a pricing increase for both the personal and professional versions of the product.  I use the personal Basic Annual license and looks like it went up about $61.00 for the year but is more cost effective for me than the monthly subscription.  Check it out and decide what suits you and your needs.

For those, who have Marvelous Designer 3 (MD 3) licenses, you may wish to visit the Marvelous Designer website, which also has been refurbished, and check to see if you are e…