End of Second Life As We Know It?

I am sure everyone has heard by now the "slip", intentional or not, made by Ebbe Linden in the recent Third Party Viewer meeting about Linden Lab resources being funneled in to creating the "next generation virtual world".  The SL Forums, as well as many other blogs and internet venues are awash with bits and pieces of reality mixed with 90% rumor. It seems everywhere you look, the Second Life sky is falling.

If you haven't read about this latest Linden adventure, here is a couple of links to get you started.



At this point, we have so little information no one should panic.  While it states that current content with more than likely not transfer to the new grid, it does lend one to believe there will be a place for content creators.  Hopefully, the new platform will allow for industry standard uploading of content with a wider variety of file types.  Now, whether you will have to be a professional content creator or use special software, there is no mention of it. 

I think it important that LL that a hard look at the past before they make some of the tougher decisions for SL2...hopefully, LL will take seriously what the Users want and not what some LL geek thinks we want.  I think it most unfortunate that the LL Geeks have little clue what their Users want...they seem to live in some different reality than we do.  I am not some 13 year old who thinks a Linden Bear or some robot is cool...give me a nice bed or furniture set with cuddles and intimate animations instead.  Most of the "free gifts" from LL are sad at best...they need to put gifts out for contract bid instead!

Everything is in the neonatal phase of creation or is my guess at this point.  Some tough decisions have to be made from Terms of Service to how much land will cost (if land is available) to prim limits.  Lots and lots of details and issues will have to be resolved, which will take a few years before a finalized product is in place.  Plus, it will take some time for such a world to be populated.  Second Life has always depended on the User and the newer one even more so. 

  • Don't panic!
  • Don't close you account and flee!  We have quite a bit of time yet before the demise of Second Life as we know it.
  • Don't stop spending your Linden because you think the world is going to end tomorrow!  We all need a new dress or building now and then. 
  • You might want to sort that inventory and see if you really need what you already have.  Might be a good idea to clean it just in case you may be be able to transfer some of it to a new world. 
  • Go about your business as normal and enjoy SL, that is what you came here for in the first place...so have some fun.
  • If your a content creator, analyze your skills.  Do you need new ones?  Refine old ones? Is your content dated and really needs replacing anyway because your skills are now better? If so, think about investing your time in learning till you see if SL2 really will happen. 
  • Be practical about this possible new venue.  Think about why you come to SL in the first place. What do you want from the experience?  Why have you stayed? 
  • Keep an eye out for any new news coming from LL rather than all the rumors and speculation circulating out there. 


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