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The Contours Retopology Tool has been updated and is now available at the CG Cookies website.   For those of you not aware, this is an add-on for Blender and allows you to quickly retopologize your mesh.  I have experimented with it on the Avastar model and it worked well for making a corset top.  You still will need to use your modeling skills but does a decent job. 

For those interested, here is the link to check it out.

As far as I know, there is a cost for this add-on.  The money goes to further/future development.  I have heard it can be found free elsewhere, but don't know exactly where it can be found. You can search for yourself.

I purchased this myself to have a legal copy.  I believe in supporting creators not pirating the work of others just to have something for free.  Support their work, they will refine, update it, and offer you a better future product.  I wouldn't want someone copybotting my work in SL so why w…


So many new educational videos and tutorials being released in the last few weeks and covering so many different topics relating to mesh by so many different creators and educators!  This video came out just when I was asking for this same information not more than two days ago in one of the Blender groups! I futzed around a bit but gave up on it! 

Haven Ditko has a new tutorial out on how to add "skin textures" to your MD Avatar/model.  I don't know about you but the gray or white models make it difficult to see the placement of things on the avatar.  Being able to texture the model visually enhances the work space making it easier to see.  It makes a huge difference when draping the model to see how well it fits and is positioned where you want it.  

While this is NOT in the video and my own thoughts, I think if you want a more precise modeling experience for the SL default Avatar, I am sure you could use the clothing UV templates from Robin Wood or Chip Midnight instea…

End of Second Life As We Know It?

I am sure everyone has heard by now the "slip", intentional or not, made by Ebbe Linden in the recent Third Party Viewer meeting about Linden Lab resources being funneled in to creating the "next generation virtual world".  The SL Forums, as well as many other blogs and internet venues are awash with bits and pieces of reality mixed with 90% rumor. It seems everywhere you look, the Second Life sky is falling.

If you haven't read about this latest Linden adventure, here is a couple of links to get you started.

At this point, we have so little information no one should panic.  While it states that current content with more than likely not transfer to the new grid, it does lend one to believe there will be a place for co…


Recently, I considering terminating this blog or, changing it's direction due to no feedback from Readers.  But, in the past couple of weeks, I have had several people contact me to tell me they appreciate what I have been posting in regards to Marvelous Designer and Blender.  

LOL...yes, they think I am a bit wordy but they get the jist of what I am trying to get across.  So makes me very happy I am able to do a service for everyone.  If you have ideas for articles, tips to share, or, you have an article you would like to have posted here, contact me in Second Life.  I receive offlines via emails.  You will get full credit for your work.


I can't do this without my Readers!

Happy Creating!


New video out from Gaia Clary I thought I would share.  It is in regards to creating a single UV map from multiple UV map layers in Blender.  She also gives a bit of a new sneak peek to a new add-on she has coming out for Blender.  Not sure yet what all the "Sparkles" add-on entails but will keep you posted.

Happy Creating Everyone!

How to Recolor Elements Professionally Using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements

One of the Second Life Residents that belongs to one of the creative  clothing groups that I do, shared this with the group. I watched and thought yes, I need to share it with my Blog Readers and post to my Pinterest Boards. This is a great and easy way to recolor elements of a piece of clothing, wallpapers, furniture textures etc. 

While this video is geared to Digital Scrapbooking, it doesn't make it any less useful to those of us creating textures in Second Life..  I don't know about you, but I learned long go some great information can be found at other sources rather than always limiting myself to searches specific to Second Life.

Oh, by the way, here is the website for this video creator, who has other things on her site you might be interested in.

Happy Creating Everyone,

Blender 2.70 (for first time users)

A little something new for your Monday!

A new must watch video if you are new to Blender!   Gaia works with Blender 2.70 in this video so if you are unfamiliar with the updated version, is a good refresher.  I honestly wish this was available when I first wanted to learn Blender.

Hope you enjoy!

Happy Creating

Using a pattern in Marvelous Designer

I must be slower than I thought!  Here is a newest video on using patterns in Marvelous Designer created by Haven Ditko, this and all her videos can be seen on the Ditko University Blog.

For those of you that took the cropped hoodie class a few weeks back, this may look familiar.   This video is visuals only and is no voice, but easy enough to follow a long.

Happy Creating Everyone Morgaine

Part 3--Marvelous Designer And Second Life--Manipulate and Export SL Shape

In Parts 1 & 2, we exported our Second Life Avatar from SL as an .xml file.  We opened Blender, added the Avastar model and then loaded the .xml file to the shape.   Today, we are going to finish manipulating the model and export it as an .obj file and import it into Marvelous Designer.

Please note, the pictures in this part of the series were taken in Blender 2.70.  The instructions work the same; however, the menu items may be labeled differently and in a different placement.


Pretty easy so far, right?

Once you have your Avastar loaded in Blender and added your shape, you need to look it over carefully to make sure the results are as expected. 
If you look at Figure 1 above, there are a couple of things wrong with this shape I exported from Second Life.  This was not intentional on my part, I exported this shape a few months ago and did nothing with it at the time.

There are no breasts on this model.  I must have been working on a project my Lola Tango brea…


Recently, I posted a project  I have been working on.  Today, I am going to take it a step further>..LOL yes, I am a bit slow.  A BIG THANK YOU to Gaia Clary and her wonderful Avastar/Blender videos, and Eleanora Newell, a wonderful volunteer in the the Blender Jass/Primstar, Blender Avastar, and Mesh Studio groups in Second Life.  Thanks to both ladies, I was able to rig and import this dress into Second Life and woo hoo, it worked!

Okay, I have to confess; it sorta worked. This is by no means the fault of Gaia or Eleanora.  Bits of me are sticking out of my dress, there is some sort of fold error at the hem, and there are some further tweaks I need to make in Marvelous Designer and in Blender. But, all and all not bad for my first try as a hobbyist! 
Figure 1 is the front view of the dress I created.  This is a rigged, fitted, mesh dress created in Marvelous Designer and rigged in Blender.  Please note, my avatar is not the same size as the default Second Life Avatar so you will…