I have noticed the tendency of some MD users in SL, who are not so willing to help others and/or are very vague or crypt in the information they share.  Fortunately for my readers, I am not one of those souls.   When you are first starting out with Marvelous Designer, it can be difficult to find tutorials to answer some of your specific questions as it may relate to Secondlife.  So, I have undertaken to create a collection and hopefully continue to add to it.  After this initial posting check the TAB at the top of this Blog for a continuing Resource.

IF YOU HAVE SOME RESOURCES not on this list, PLEASE SHARE them with me to post and I will post here to share with others.  You can either click my profile pic and send me a message via email or, drop me a notecard in Second Life.  

  • Not all videos, information, or tutorials are MD3 specific.  
  • Some of the tutorials are for older versions of the product.  The principles are the same and with a little patience you can easily adapt the information.
  • Not all links may be viable in the future; however, they worked when originally posted here.
  • Most of the links are NOT SL related.
  • Not all Videos have spoken instructions. 
  • Some are speed demonstrations and not tutorials per se.
  • Not all Videos are in English.
  • Not all Videos are short.

Marvelous Designer
One of your first resources should be the actual Marvelous Designer web page. Check out the "Learn Sections to get you started even if you are only going to try out the 15 day trial.

Another handy section is the Forums. You can search it for answers and/or ask questions.  It doesn't seem to be a very active forum most of the time, so be patient.Also, be aware that many of the posted links may no longer be active.  It seems with updating their product they changed their Forums and much has been lost.

This video is from the creators of Marvelous Designer. It shows you how to work with their layering system, create folds, padding etc. 

Marvelous Designer 2 - How to model the 3D clothing 'quick and easy'.

Jarek Kiciasty
Video using Marvelous Designer and Blender with Avastar Add-on for the first video.  Uses Blender with the Avastar Add-on to show you how to create a simple t-shirt and rig it. He does not go into unwrapping, adding materials, or weight painting.  No verbal instructions.

MarvelousDesigner2 Second Life create clothes mesh simple tutorial

t-shirt simple create mesh for secondlife

This is a speed demonstration of the Marvelous Designer. Shows the use of a circular piece of material, creases.  No verbal instructions.

Part 1 - fashion design

Will Gois
This is a non-English tutorial; however, no verbal instructions.  Slowly created and easy to follow.

Desenhando um vestido em 8 minutos

EZ has some very nice videos.  At the bottom of his YouTube Channel are a tone of MD Tutorials.  I simply cannot list them all.  Here are a few to get you started. 

MarvelousDesigner2 Quick start by EZ

Marvelous Designer2 Texture by EZ

Please note an update to the information Wolfie presents in this older version of the software. He states in the video MD does not handle unfolding material; MD3 does have the unfold feature for making garments on a fold.

Marvelous Designer 2 Tank Top Tutorial by Wolfie

Jan Jerapan
This wouldn't be a bad video if the creator had included where he had gotten the 3D models.  As it is you can watch to see how it is transformed.  He has about 80 videos from the CLO3D/Marvelous Designer creators.  A nice single place to have this group of videos.

80 Marvelous Designer Modeling 3D Cloth Within 1 Hour 

A nice video for bedding and how to do fabric quilting.
Marvelous Cloth Designer Tutorial [Beginner]


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