I am on vacation this week so am making up for lost time in my postings. Having a bit of time to relax and explore various software this week has brought new topics to write about. 

Today, I want to bring talk about an issue I discovered with Marvelous Designer (MD) and using project files made by a creator friend. This issue could be because...

1)  I haven't enough skills yet with the MD software and was operator error. What seems intuitive to me, just doesn't work correctly.
2) Could be a version issue.  I run the latest MD version, which is BASIC not the Enterprise issue.
3) It could be an issue between the PC version and MAC version.
4) Or, it could be a combination of all the above. 

I downloaded some project files from a friend, who created her project files with the Enterprise version of MD. The project files were for models of the 5 Standard Mesh Clothing Avatar Sizes nothing else...just the different male & female resized avatar in the T-pose. 

The models were created in Blender using the Avastar model for the Second Life (SL) 5 Standard Sizes, then exported as .obj files. The .obj files were imported into MD and the attachment points and bounding volumes added to the model.  The project file was then saved and uploaded to a service where they could be downloaded from.  

I opened her project files just fine and were no issues. Not having worked with the SL male models and being silly, I make a simple test skirt/kilt for the SL XL Male, which you can see below in Figure 1

Figure 1 Male Model-SL Standard Size XL
Okay, this worked just dandy!  But, I wanted to test out a pre-existing garment I had made on a smaller female model...I was interested in what was needed to rescale the pattern for fitting the different 5 Standard Sizes.

So, my next step was to clear the skirt/kilt I just made and then I selected OPEN > GARMENT on the file menu for a previously made garment.  Oh boy, was that a mistake!   MD crashed and kept crashing each time I tried to do this step.  After a few tries, I  opened the project again bent on trying to do something else and used a fresh project file...crash.  I tried doing the same with the female project files...crash again. I was very frustrated needless to say already having a headache.

Fooling with this for several hours, taking several Excendrins, trading emails and files with the project creator, I finally found the solution.  Again, I do not have a huge amount of experience with MD...time spent practicing is the key...time I haven't had to devote for months.  In searching for solutions for the problem, I went to the MD site and the web and found no results for the problem or a solution.  It was back to testing for another hour or so before I found a solution...or, the correct way to do this.

IF you are using a project file, be it one you create or from someone else, and try from the file menu to OPEN > GARMENT > SELECT a pre-existing garment from your computer and it crashes, try the following solution....

ADD > GARMENT > SELECT a pre-existing garment from your computer. 

It should bring in the garment with no crashes.  Figure 2 represents the solution I just spoke of.  The pattern pieces of this dress, which I used as an example in two previous articles, was rescaled to fit this male model after I was able to add the pattern to the project. 

Figure 2 OPEN Project File with ADD Garment.

Intuitively, it made sense to me, to simply open the garment file to add it to the already opened project file. Of course, I have been told on numerous occasions over the years my intuitive thoughts are not the same as most people...LOL. Sometimes, you just have to mesh around wit h something to see what works.

At this point, I don't have enough information regarding Marvelous Designer to know what is the "correct procedure" or, method of doing this so operator error could be the whole problem.  Also, it could be I have discovered some sort of bug since I am using a Mac, a basic license vs enterprise license, and the most up-to-date version of MD 3 than the project file creator, it is hard to say what it might have been the cause.  I am not really sure I care since I have a workable solution. 


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