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UPDATE 6/7/2014
I am sorry for not updating this sooner, but the files has been restored and now include files you can add to your Resources Folder in MD so the models are always readily available to you in your library!  

Thank you, Haven!

UPDATE  5/29/2014
Currently, the 5 Standard Mesh MD files from Haven Ditko are unavailable.  Boo...right?  Nooo, give her a bit and she will be posting even more files for our use.  From what I understand, she will also be including the files you can import into your Library and will make it much easier to use the 5 male & female AVs.  

Woot!  Happy Birthday to us!

Original Post 5/28/2014
You know, some birthday presents come a couple of days late and from the most unexpected places.  I been wishing someone would take the 5 Standard SL Sizes and add the Marvelous Designer Arrangement Points and Bounding Volumes for months now.  I might have been able to do it myself but after watching a video or two, it made me start to sweat and my hands shake.  An…


I am very sad to see the closing of Ditko University in Second Life.  Haven put in a lot of time, sweat, patience, and work in teaching Second Life Residents such things, as Blender, Gimp, Photoshop, and Marvelous Designer.  Not all students were appreciative of the sacrifices she made to provide them with meaningful instruction nor, were they supportive financially for what they were taught.  A school does not survive on 20L tips for an hour and a half's worth of instruction or, worse no tip at all.  While I do understand some may not have a large budget at their disposal these same people should see what online instruction or college level classes cost per hour.  It is unfortunate even the Second Life world has blessed givers and shameful takers.  But out of the ashes, the phoenix doth rise!

I have seen Haven hold up classes in order to assist a lone student, who had not taken any pre-requisites, had no clue how their computer worked, made no effort to take notes and try to work…


Okay, so you have your mesh and all this stuff that came with your clothing kit. What's it for?  How do I use it?

First thing you should do when you receive your purchased item is unpack it and review what was included.  Was everything included that was promised? If not, you may need to contact the merchant selling the product.  Let's look at what full permission mesh clothing kits generally contain.  

Most full permission mesh clothing kits contain...
1)  5 mesh objects--Looks like a yellow cube. 
You should have one of each of the 5 of the Standard Sizes, each named according to the size. Fitted mesh may contain the same or less.  You will have to do your own research to be sure. 2)  1 or more Alpha Layers--Looks like a little shirt.  
You wear it under the mesh.3)  1 or more Alpha Layer Textures--Looks a square with red, yellow,green,blue dots.  
You use this to create a new Alpha Layer so your name will be the creator. You may also use it, depending on the licensing, t…


I seem to be encountering quite a few folks lately wanting to take the plunge into mesh clothing.  Most have lots of questions like what type of full permissions clothing kits should I buy?  What is all this stuff for that came with the kit?  Others are asking, how do you make your own texture with the stuff that comes with the kits?  How can I make the mesh show me as the creator?  And many other questions most of us have or have had, when we started delving into mesh clothing. 

I started out exploring mesh clothing buying purchased full perms mesh about a year and a half ago.  I wanted to know more about mesh clothing before I made a large time commitment or Linden investment. And really, my ultimate goals was to make some of my own mesh items but how?  I already had a good building creation background so knew how to construct and texture things.  I also had some knowledge of Photoshop.  But, it was still difficult at times to get things the way I wanted them to be. 



I am on vacation this week so am making up for lost time in my postings. Having a bit of time to relax and explore various software this week has brought new topics to write about. 

Today, I want to bring talk about an issue I discovered with Marvelous Designer (MD) and using project files made by a creator friend. This issue could be because...

1)  I haven't enough skills yet with the MD software and was operator error. What seems intuitive to me, just doesn't work correctly.
2) Could be a version issue.  I run the latest MD version, which is BASIC not the Enterprise issue.
3) It could be an issue between the PC version and MAC version.
4) Or, it could be a combination of all the above. 

I downloaded some project files from a friend, who created her project files with the Enterprise version of MD. The project files were for models of the 5 Standard Mesh Clothing Avatar Sizes nothing else...just the different male & female resized avatar in the T-pose. 

The models were cr…


A couple of days ago, I posted information on how to save and use (open) garment and project files in Marvelous Designer.  Since that time, I have discovered an issuewith some project files created by a friend,  So as I was slogging around to solve that issue, I stumbled across the information below. Yes, yes...if all else fails, you should read the manual!  LOL

But in all seriousness, I think this information may be something you should familiarize yourself with at some point.  This information comes directly out of the CLO 3D/MD2 manual posted at the link below. You can browse it online or, you can download as a .pdf file and/or an .epub file. 

Garment*.pacIt is an abbreviation of “Pattern and Cloth”. It stores cloth, pattern, seams and material data. Pose*.posIt stores the pose data of avatar and it is saved automatically when you save clothes as “*.pac” format. You can change the avatar’s pose easily using this format The pose can be saved only when you open an avatar model with joi…

Marvelous Designer & Blender Multiple vs Single Texture Faces

Today, I want to talk a little about Marvelous Designer, Blender, and texturing in-world. I have been experimenting using in-world textures on created, not  creating a new composite texture from the mesh UVs maps in Photoshop or Gimp but using actual textures from my SL inventory.  

WARNING--the information being presented is due to an EXPERIMENT on my is NOT to be taken as the "proper" or "correct" way to create or work with mesh clothing.  

This information is not a replacement for in-world classes, video tutorials, or advice/or training from those with more knowledge.  I am a hobbyist.  I don't claim to be a professional computer graphics artist nor do I plan on becoming one.  I create for the joy of creating .  I may not know the "proper" or "correct" way to achieve something.  What I present, may start you out or give you very bad habits! Remember, you have been warned!


What I am experimenting wi…


I don't know about the rest of you, but when starting out in Marvelous Designer, I found it pretty frustrating.  Sure, you can whip up a garment in nothing flat, but what about all the other stuff you might need to know?  Sometimes, I think Marvelous Designer spends too much time showing how to create as a selling point than providing really useful information to those of us new to 3D modeling.

So, today, we are going to look at Marvelous Designer files, see if I can shed some light on them for you, especially if you are new to using MD.   I am going to show you how I use may NOT be the way others use them...or, how you will use the files in the future.

NOTE--A few days ago, there was an upgrade so the menus have changed a bit. This is the most current version as of this posting.  

Below, is a screenshot of the updated MD 3 File menu.  Note, I use a MAC so if using a PC it may look different than yous. I believe you will find a similar looking file menu in previous ve…


I have noticed the tendency of some MD users in SL, who are not so willing to help others and/or are very vague or crypt in the information they share.  Fortunately for my readers, I am not one of those souls.   When you are first starting out with Marvelous Designer, it can be difficult to find tutorials to answer some of your specific questions as it may relate to Secondlife.  So, I have undertaken to create a collection and hopefully continue to add to it.  After this initial posting check the TAB at the top of this Blog for a continuing Resource.

IF YOU HAVE SOME RESOURCES not on this list, PLEASE SHARE them with me to post and I will post here to share with others.  You can either click my profile pic and send me a message via email or, drop me a notecard in Second Life.  

Not all videos, information, or tutorials are MD3 specific.  Some of the tutorials are for older versions of the product.  The principles are the same and with a little patience you can easily adapt the inf…


Here is a the latest video for Gaia Clary on using Avastar for fitted mesh!  Gaia always makes this look so easy!


Gaia has and still does have excellent information about sculpts, mesh, and Avastar on her blog.  Be sure you check it out.

Also, don't forget the Gooseberry project for Blender.  You can also find information about the project on her blog.


I have two things I am working on currently.  Looking at pattern design and transfer for Marvelous Designer and the other is how to do weight painting in Blender.  While I understand the concept, it just doesn't work so well for me; it's like I am missing something.  And, Blender has changed from when I first tried weight painting using the Avastar addon.  

Of course, another problem is the tri/quad Marvelous Designer issue, Blender's weight painting MD mesh makes it more complicated and doesn't work well at all.  I am sure more advanced designers and modelers have no issues, but being new, I most certainly do.  Maybe other software works better with weight painting, but not being able to afford the more expensive stuff, is hard to say.  

I been scrapping up my nickles and dimes for months, foregoing eating out, and doing without some other things to buy ZBrush for myself as a birthday present.  Happy Birthday to me!  Yes, I am a glutton for punishment...yet something el…


A friend asked me for a written note of my work process within the global workflow for creating mesh clothing.  This is what I have come up with so far.  Please note, this is MY process and how I currently work. 

I have refined this process over the months I been experimenting.  It is a similar process that everyone uses I think and in their heads.   I have just written it down to share and for you to compare with your own.  There really is no right or wrong way to go about I don't think...but I could be wrong in that. 

This process can and will change as I learn more and refine my skills. A lot will also depend on the various software I use and any upgrades made. Also don't count on this work flow being totally accurate....I typed in a hurry.

Marvelous Designer Process:

1) Open Marvelous Designer (MD)
2) Clear the Avatar
3) Drag the Standard Second Life(SL) Avatar I have installed into the pattern window.
4) Create a garment.
5) Add different colored fabric for "textures/mater…