Recently, I had a friend ask me what my workflow is for mesh clothing.  Arching my eyebrows, "Workflow?  What Workflow?"  I probably just stood there blinking at my friend, who is way more knowledgeable of mesh making that I am.  I can hardly be called a great mesh clothing creator at this point in time.  In the 3D modeling world, I am so far behind most of the crowd, people probably just snicker and roll their eyes at me. I was astonished someone asked me for such a thing, and to be quick honest, am still amazed I was asked this question. 

*Grins* For those that don't know me or, know me well, I took this question and started thinking about it, which made me do some research for personal education and because a question always leads to more questions with me.  Picking up my handy dandy Google research tool, I ran a query to find out what the "true" or, at least the "acceptable" definition  of the term workflow is.  Here is one I like the best that doesn't use a ton of tech speak words...

Workflow is the movement of documents and information throughout an organization in-order to make decisions and complete any required processing that they create. It represents all the steps and the decision making rules that are applied during a business process.

Okay, so I guess you could consider me an "organization", although I really don't feel like something so lofty.  I do have my little shop and design group in Second Life (SL)...Hell House I suppose, in a way, I AM an organization.  I do make all the decisions.  I do move along information and documents.  I complete all the required processes to achieve an end result.  Apparently, I do have a workflow.  Yay, me!

Now that I am considered a bona fide  "organization" unto myself, I went a bit further in my thinking.   We, as humans, like to take things and put our own spin on them.  Sometimes, we make things harder than they really are rather than getting down to the "grass roots" level.  Sometimes, I am just as guilty of making things hard than they should be as the next person. Where am I going with this early Saturday morning diatribe? 

I think our world has become too complicated in many ways.  And, to be a part of that complication, human beings tend to buy into this concept.  To be a part of specific area or field in our great world, we tend to use words, terms, and concepts that are more complicated than they should be.   If you are not a part of that specific area or field, you many not understand the "language" or "jargon" being used.   I think it is more like, "Ha! We are special.  You are not"!  And, there is nothing wrong with being special, unless you are speaking to someone, who is also special but in another specific area or field.  And the funny thing is, such language or jargon is constantly changing within these specific areas or fields.  Someone will find a word they like or make one up to replace a specific term or concept and act like it is something new and great!  Some will think this evolution or process, I just think it silly.  Rather than remaining the wheel, invent a new wheel!  So, here is the definition of processes.

Work process is a series of tasks, activities, or events that lead to a particular result or outcome.

Work flow seems to be more globally focused on all the minutia it takes to achieve an end result.  The concept work process is more production focused on individual activities or steps from beginning of the work to completion of the final product.  Work processes would be a subset of work flow...individual within the all encompassing structure.

What this all boils down to is, if my friend had asked me what my "process or processes" are for making mesh, I wouldn't have been so astonished.  Two different specific areas or fields colliding.  *grins*  No, no, I am not dissing my friend!  She is a very amazing woman and I find her very remarkable.  She makes me think, even about simple things as words and terms we use with others.  I wish I had been so smart and innovative at her age.  We tend to see things differently between us, but what we do for one another is approach and tackle problems from different angles and solve them collectively. We are both smart enough to realize we each bring different qualities and knowledge to the table while being open minded enough to learn new things even though our particular approach as individuals could be flawed.   

So next time, someone asks you something or shares information with you that seems to be familiar but you are not exactly sure what they mean.  Do a little research rather than taking it for granted you know or understand what that person is asking.  You may find you learn and better understand something. 

Yes, I will post my "work process" here in the blog when written.  It may or may not be of use to you, but it never hurts to compare what you do with how others accomplish the same task. My way may be filled with the "hard way" of doing things.  Or, it may offer an easier way to add to your workflow or your work process :-P

Happy Creating!


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