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Recently, I had a friend ask me what my workflow is for mesh clothing.  Arching my eyebrows, "Workflow?  What Workflow?"  I probably just stood there blinking at my friend, who is way more knowledgeable of mesh making that I am.  I can hardly be called a great mesh clothing creator at this point in time.  In the 3D modeling world, I am so far behind most of the crowd, people probably just snicker and roll their eyes at me. I was astonished someone asked me for such a thing, and to be quick honest, am still amazed I was asked this question. 

*Grins* For those that don't know me or, know me well, I took this question and started thinking about it, which made me do some research for personal education and because a question always leads to more questions with me.  Picking up my handy dandy Google research tool, I ran a query to find out what the "true" or, at least the "acceptable" definition  of the term workflow is.  Here is one I like the best that doe…


Good Morning,

I keep forgetting to let my readers know I do have a Pinterest site.  

I pin a lot of different and interesting things to my boards, including Blender, Photoshop, and Marvelous Designer tutorials.  Because it is quick and easy, I often forget to add particular sites here on the blog. 

So, you might want to check out my boards to see what might be lurking there!

Until next time, 

Happy Creating

2D to 3D How Patterns Work--Uses Marvelous Designer

I am always looking for tutorials or videos to help me in my quest to improve my creative skills for Second Life.  As most of you know, my quest for the last year or so has been to learn 3-D Modeling for building, furniture, and clothing construction.  I started out with Mesh Studio while taking classes to learn Blender (still have a long way to go with it) then I stumbled across Marvelous Designer.

Of late, I have been concentrating on learning more about Marvelous Designer.  While there are some good videos out there to get you up and running with Marvelous Designer in very little time. I have found most of the tutorial lacks information about clothing construction in general.  Sure, I can mimic what I see, but doesn't really tell me the "why" of something.

I accidentally ran across the following video, which talks about taking 2D patterns and turning them into 3D clothing or, at least, it uses Marvelous Designer to demonstrate "real world" sewing concepts.  …