Happy Belated New Year!

Good Grief!  

Seems like just yesterday I posted something to the blog, but when I look back it has been nearly 3 months.  Where does time go? 

I guess in may case, it has to do with the busy Holiday Season, changing jobs, and the icky snowy, icy and below zero weather.  About this time year, between ending of Winter and the beginning of Spring, all my energy just bottoms out.  My creativity is stymied and just want to curl up some place warm and read some good books.  I am beginning to think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)...you know, the mid-winter blues!

Anyway, a few updates for you...

The folks at Antique Grid Show will be running a 10L Hunt either in March or May...will let you know more of the particulars.  I should be preparing something but nothing is coalescing in regards what I should make for the Hunt. 


Ditko University has celebrated it's 6 month anniversary!  This is a tremendous feat in this day and age.  People said it couldn't be done, but Haven fooled them all. Way to Go Haven!  So many Blender, Gimp and other classes have been offered I can't remember them all!  And the best part is, each of the classes is taught in easy digestible pieces! 

And, now, drum roll please...Haven is teaching classes on Marvelous Designer!   Be sure to check join the group and keep up on all the classes being offered.

The creators of CLO have updated Marvelous Designer to version to MD 3 with varying licensing for varying budgets for hobbyists and professional.  While this update came out in the Fall of 2014, there have been at least 2-3 updates since implemented.  Here is their roadmap of items they are working on for 2014...note that quad mesh is still an agenda item...but, this has been on the agenda before so we will see if they can resolve this.

Second Half of 2013
- OBJ thickness, print overlay export (Basic, Advanced)
- OBJ import -> cloth simulation (Advanced)

First Half of 2014
- Quad mesh for exporting in OBJ (Basic, Advanced)
- Button, Zipper creation interface (Basic, Advanced)
- Layer draping for instant trim attaching (Basic, Advanced)
- FBX importer (Basic, Advanced)

Second Half of 2014
- FBX exporter (Basic, Advanced)
- Unified diffuse/normal map export (Advanced)

Another bit of news is, the SL Marvelous Designer Group is SL seems to be a bit more active than it was.  While it is not the most helpful group yet, some will try to assist you if you have questions. Contact Tesslyn Finesmith to join.

Linden Labs has also announced on their website the inclusion of "Fitted Mesh", which using techniques in various 3D software, such as Blender, will allow a special rigging so clothing mesh can be fitted better to our Avatars. This will not do away with the yucky alpha layers, but may allow creators to more sparingly create ones  so your whole AV is not hidden. 

Fitted Mesh also requires a special viewer, which I believe though I have not checked it out yet, available from SL downloads.  I don't believe Firestorm has this option yet but again have not checked recently since my creative juices seem to be at an all time low right now.  

With fitted mesh, comes some changes with Blender and Avastar.  I believe Gaia Clary has been working with the Blender team and their 2.7 release to make things easier for fitted mesh.  Also, there are a few issues with the test AV file from what I have read and heard.  I know right now, I am stuck on weight painting....just one more thing I can't seem to wrap my head around.  I can rig the clothing but on a general level...the finer details still elude me.  

Hopefully, Gaia will provide us with more instructions and a great update for Avastar soon to help all creators make better mesh!  I for one am looking forward to more on weight painting! 

Well, that all the news I have for now.  Keep coming back for more updates...maybe my juices will start flowing soon and will finish update some of my MD articles.  Till them....

Happy Creating


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