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Happy Belated New Year!

Good Grief!  

Seems like just yesterday I posted something to the blog, but when I look back it has been nearly 3 months.  Where does time go? 

I guess in may case, it has to do with the busy Holiday Season, changing jobs, and the icky snowy, icy and below zero weather.  About this time year, between ending of Winter and the beginning of Spring, all my energy just bottoms out.  My creativity is stymied and just want to curl up some place warm and read some good books.  I am beginning to think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) know, the mid-winter blues!

Anyway, a few updates for you...

The folks at Antique Grid Show will be running a 10L Hunt either in March or May...will let you know more of the particulars.  I should be preparing something but nothing is coalescing in regards what I should make for the Hunt. 

Ditko University has celebrated it's 6 month anniversary!  This is a tremendous feat in this day and age.  People said it couldn&#…