Photoshop 3D Extended for Second Life Layered Clothing and Beyond

Ya know, first it was just system clothing, then layered clothes made in Photoshop or gimp, then flexi-prims got added, along comes sculpts to add depth, now mesh clothing is all the rage.  Over the years, Second Lifers just keep improving the world and our avatars with their creativity.    But along the way, I think in our enthusiasm to advance ourselves we have tossed away some very important creativity skills. 

So many are replacing layered clothing for mesh at unbelievable rates.  While I have slowly gotten over my hatred of mesh clothing,  now I just dislike it, it is still not my favorite despite the fact I am trying to learn to make it.  There are still too many problems with mesh, even the fitted versions of it. I mean, who wants their entire Avatar altered to fit some designer's idea of clothing? Or, have most of their body made invisible with alpha layers?  May the gods help you if you have a body that is not either one of the 5 standard mesh sizes or not within the average realm of fitted mesh sliders.  Really, it is almost laughable these days to go places and see all the partially naked and bald invisible people with their mesh clothing off their bodies 5 meters away till the area rezzes?  Sheesh, reminds me of the old days when you teleported somewhere and ended up naked....some things never change!

I am happy to say, there are a few creators out there who are still using or creating layered clothing, sculpts, and flexi-prims.  A long gown or silks are just plain ugly if they don't flow when you move.   And, a few...very few, are trying to incorporate all these early elements with those creative have my applause and my thanks. Clothing should not be about a single medium...the fashion industry is not...why should it be so in Second Life?

Anyway, to be somewhat retro, one of the skills a good designer needs, even if you are creating mesh, is graphic skills., mine are there but not up to par with you really talented folks.  But, I ran across this video awhile ago and then lost the link...only to stumble across it when looking for something else the other day. I think it something everyone one creating clothing should at least watch once. I don't believe Gimp has this feature yet, though I have heard rumors it my become available.  I do hope if they include something of this nature, it is easier and more intuitive than Photoshop.  Adobe has rather missed the boat on this one I think with the interface.

This particular video will help those of you, who may have Photoshop Extended. I am not very good with it 'cause I just haven't had the time to sit down and spend learning it. Yes, I know I should have learned this a long time ago probably would of made my ordeal with layered clothing less frustration....but...but...just so much to do and know!

This is an art to layered clothing from seam matching to small details like buttons and collars to wrinkles.  It is a challenge.  If you can make great layered clothing creating textures for mesh will be easy peasy! 

So give it a watch, see what you think, give it a try!

If the video doesn't work here, check out the URL below.  Be sure to visit YouTube and click on MORE...are several files you can download for use with this tutorial.

Happy Creating Everyone!


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