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Photoshop 3D Extended for Second Life Layered Clothing and Beyond

Ya know, first it was just system clothing, then layered clothes made in Photoshop or gimp, then flexi-prims got added, along comes sculpts to add depth, now mesh clothing is all the rage.  Over the years, Second Lifers just keep improving the world and our avatars with their creativity.    But along the way, I think in our enthusiasm to advance ourselves we have tossed away some very important creativity skills. 

So many are replacing layered clothing for mesh at unbelievable rates.  While I have slowly gotten over my hatred of mesh clothing,  now I just dislike it, it is still not my favorite despite the fact I am trying to learn to make it.  There are still too many problems with mesh, even the fitted versions of it. I mean, who wants their entire Avatar altered to fit some designer's idea of clothing? Or, have most of their body made invisible with alpha layers?  May the gods help you if you have a body that is not either one of the 5 standard mesh sizes or not within the avera…


Getting tired with all the holiday hustle and bustle?  Ready to sit back with a good cup of hot cocoa and just be comfy?  Set your relaxing mood with a new offering by Hell House Studios and Plaine Jaine.

Casual long sleeve, untucked holiday shirt coupled with black jeans for those days you just want to hang out and be comfy. This relaxed casual mesh shirt (comes in 5 standard mesh sizes) in an understated holiday pattern is coupled with a simple layered pair of black jeans.  




Oh, if you wish to tantalize that  special someone in your life, what could sexier and more more fun than this great shirt sans jeans?

Yes, there are some designers out here offering stylish mesh clothing for those Lola Tango/Mirage users. 

Winterberry Rigged Mesh Shirt (5 standard sizes)
Black Layered Jeans
3 Alpha layers for better fit
Optional--Lola Tango Applier (for our Lola Customers)

Be sure to try the demo before you buy! 

Free Demo In-world…

New Marvelous Designer Blogger in Town!

For those of you who have been following my blog, especially those of you interested in Marvelous Designer and it's uses in Second Life, there is a new Blogger in town!  Yep, is not just me anymore! Finally, another person out there to share with you Marvelous Designer and other things related to their Second Life journey! 

I am looking forward to learning a few things from Donna Saenz's blog.  I would encourage everyone to take a look at Donn's Daily.  If we all work together, share what we know with one another, I think we will be all make mesh even better for Second Life purposes!

Donna has a couple of articles posted (Woo go girl) with valuable information.  One is about importing into Marvelous Designer and one taking about a few things you may encounter when using Marvelous Designer.  Has some great links for you too! 

Oh, I almost forgot I was so excited! Check out Donna's new blot at the following url


NEW RELEASE...12-6-2013 12-4-2013

Available In-World & SL Market Place

Nuit's Black & White Retro Dress is now available on Second Life Market Place and at Plaine Jaine's In-World store at the HHS--The Village Store.

This cute little black and white patterned dress is an updated twist on retro/vintage fashion.

*Be sure you try the demo version before you buy! 

We wish our customers to be satisfied before YOU spend your  hard earned Lindens with us. 

*Due to restrictions are Market Place, there is a 1L fee for the demo dress only. If you want a FREE DEMO (dress only no other items included) VISIT our  In-World Store Plaine Jaine Clothing Store

Mesh Dress-5 Standard AV Sizing
Mesh Alpha
Girdle/Garter Belt
Gold Retro Belt 
Shoe Alpha 

**OPTIONAL--NEW Lola Tango/Mirage Applier for our Lola Customers.

Non-Mesh Prim Items--Resize/No Modify/No Copy/Transfer
Clothing Layers--No Modify/No Copy/Transfer
Mesh-No Modify/No Copy/Transfer

You can…