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After having Marvelous Designer 3 (MD3) for a few months and not doing much with it due to real life circumstances, I am on a crusade trying to get myself in gear and learn more about it and what it can do.  As I limp along to learn, I will be posting to this blog some things I believe may help you on your journey to learning as well. 

As stated before, MD3 is not the only tool you need for preparing your mesh clothing to use with Second Life (SL).  You will also need an additional 3D modeling program like Blender (free and open source), Zbrush, Maya, etc, which supports export of collada files, which is the type of file SL uses when uploading mesh. If you are using Blender, you may want to consider purchasing the Avastar add-on to help you with rigging and customizing your Avatars.

Yes, mesh clothing making can be an expensive venture in financial resources, creativity, learning 3D modeling skills and sucking up all your free time.  To make it a bit easier in the "learning" sector,  I am posting one of my favorite Marvelous Designer Tutorials TheEZHexagon.  


I am not sure why I could not get this video to embed to the blog like the last one but, Blogger keeps saying it is not found.   Soooo, I am going to post the link the old fashioned way.  Just click the link to follow it. 

MarvelousDesigner2 Quick start by EZ
This is what the title says it is.  TheEZHexagon has made a Quick Start guide to Marvelous Designer to get you up and running with the software pretty quickly.  TheEZHexagon has made his videos using Marvelous Designer 2 (MD2), which will different if you are using the newer MD3 version.  

The video is more about providing you with formation while creating your first project.  So, work through the video as you watch it.  It may take you awhile to become familiar with the newer MD3 interface but, we are not in a race with others.  Many of the functions are still the same with different looking icons and labels.  You win as you gain knowledge!  Take your time.  Watch the video as many times as it takes.  Play around with the program. Make written notes for future reference.  Like any program, it does take some time to get use to is.


TheEZHexagon has quite a few videos on his YouTube site, some of you may wish to learn ZBrush, Daz, Hexagon, and several Marvelous Designer Videos. EZ has a lot of tutorials.  Please check out his site at TheEZHExagon YouTube Site 


Remember folks, TUTORIAL CREATORS are VALUABLE LEARNING RESOURCES for us.  The majority of Tutorial Creators are not paid to do these videos.  They give of their free time to share the skills they know with those of us who are trying to learn these skills.  

Please leave positive feedback! 
Share their sites  with others!

Also, be sure to LIKE TheEZHexagon site while you are there and add it to your own playlist for future reference. 

Happy Creating Everyone!


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