Ashasekayi's MD Pattern Series: Using 1:1 Scale

For those of you interesting in learning more about creating clothing in Marvelous Designer, a wonderful lady by the name of Ashasekayi has created a number of videos using an older version of Marvelous Designer.  While I do not know her personally, I believe, at one time, Ashasekayi may have taught some Blender classes in SL and was/is a resident of Second Life (SL).

If you are interested in creating 1:1 scaling of patterns for Marvelous Designer, you really will be interested in watching this video.  While Ashasekayi does work with Gimp (which is a free and open source graphics software) but with a bit of ingenuity, I am sure those of you working with Photoshop can easily translate the process.  

Please note, the tutorial is based on the Marvelous Designer avatar.  It may take a bit of tweaking if you are using Doc Toyoko's prepared SL Avatar (see yesterday's blog post) to fit the pattern.  One of my projects for this weekend is to try doing this and watching the rest of Ashasekay's Marvelous Designer related videos. 

Okay, I am a bit new at this but I have tried to embed (I hope) the video into this blog.  If it doesn't work, please forgive my poor blogging skills and hit the link below to take you to Ashasekayi's YouTube video.


MD Pattern Series: Using 1:1 Scale

While I have not watched all the videos in the series, I am pretty sure with a little thought you can adapt this information easily for the current version of Marvelous Designer.  Ashasekayi also has a number of other tutorials related to clothing creation in Marvelous Designer, as well as Blender tutorials, uploaded on her YouTube site.  Some of the are directly related to Second Life.

For those of you interested in browsing her YouTube site, you can find it at the following link:

Ashasekayi's YouTube Site 

Remember folks, TUTORIAL CREATORS are VALUABLE LEARNING RESOURCES for us.  The majority of Tutorial Creators are not paid to do these videos.  They give of their free time to share the skills they know with those of us who are trying to learn these skills.  

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Also, be sure to LIKE Ashasekayi's site while you are there and add it to your own playlist for future reference. 

Happy Creating Everyone!


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