Interview with Jaen Albatros of Kajira Delights (Gorean Foods By JB Designs)

The Village, hosts several merchants, in addition to Hell House Studios.  One of our our merchants is Jaen Albatros of Kajira Delights (Gorean Foods By JB Designs), who  graciously consented to an interview with guest Interviewer, Mel Qusifor. Jaen creates meals, usually in relationship for Gorean type role play.  The nice thing about her items, they can be used for types of role play as well.

I want to thank both Jaen and Mel for this interview. 

Jaen Albatros

You can visit her shop in The Village at the following SURL KAJIRA DELGHTS


Mel Qusifor: I am here with the lovely Jaen Albatros, builder and business owner of Kajira Delights.  She has developed a wonderful product that is very helpful in the RP of serving meals on Gor.

Jaen, when did you first become interested in building and how did you start learning?

Jaen Albatros: Hmm, I first became interested in building a few years ago. I learned some basic principles, like always using the numbers etc. and made a few random things, such as a cupboard and a dance pole, then other distractions took over, but I kept building on the back burner, so to speak. 

I started building again about 3 years ago and progressed steadily from there, mainly working things out on my own, aided with tips from other people...until I discovered Builders Brewery and took building classes....lots of them! 

Mel Qusifor: I understand you are a fully trained and accredited Gorean kajira, which as part of this accreditation you have mastered the art of the Gorean serve. At what point did you begin to create in your mind the idea of meals that could be served to guests and what was your first attempt like?

Jaen Albatros: Well, I wanted to bring a touch of realism to my instead of merely role playing them and pretending to set plates in front of customers, (which was normal), I started to buy them, so we would have 'actual food' that could be served.
Some meals were very good...and some not so good....and I often thought to myself "I could build this"...I also started to get ideas for other Gorean meals I had not seen on the i started to create what I was thinking of. 

I was kind of pleased with my first attempt...but looking back, it was actually terrible!  Even now, I look at stuff I made just a year ago and I know I could improve upon it.  

Mel Qusifor: As I understand it, you made these meals so that a person could buy them and have unlimited servings?

Jaen Albatros: For a long time, I didn't even think of selling them...I just made them so the kajirae serving in our tavern could click the main dish and get as many meals as they needed, in order to serve to the guests. That was all that was important to me at the time.   It was only as my skills improved, and I got more and more absorbed in it and one or two regulars in the tavern suggested that I sell my meals, so on their encouragement, I did in fact set up a business. And yes, they still have unlimited servings in the main dish; whereas, most other products you see have a limited amount.

Mel Qusifor:
Your meals seem to be rather reasonably priced, especially given the fact that they have unlimited servings for the owner to give out.

Jaen Albatros: Well, I wasn't sure how to price them to be honest. I did lots of research on the marketplace and found there were some more complex meals than mine at low prices, but also lots of very  simpler ones at high I have attempted to make them a kind of 'middle of the range' price.

Sales seem to be quite good so people must be enjoying them!  

Mel Qusifor: What obstacles did you run into when you began to set up your business and how did you overcome them?

Jaen Albatros: It wasn't so much obstacles, as tedious work really....setting up all the meals to take pictures...the main dish with the meal beside it...deciding what my logo should be like, and designing it...getting the meals into boxes and making sure they were labelled correctly, setting up the SL Market Place store...just very tedious and hard work.  It is easy for mistakes creep in...I took a bit of time to make corrections. 

Mel Qusifor: But it seems you have mastered these things well and now have 3 in-world shops and a presence on the Second Life Market Place.

Jaen Albatros:   I wouldn't have believed it a year ago. I never thought I would have business on Second Life, but now I have a business, I can't imagine not having one. 

Mel Qusifor: I have seen some other Gorean merchandise in your shops now. What kind of product do you have plans to create in the future?

Jaen Albatros: Oh yes, I have already created some new products, which I am very excited about ...I now have several different styles of tables...suitable for Gorean taverns and general use....barrels of wine, log fires, canopies, rope bridges...

I have a range of shacks too, kind of rough looking, with long plank walkways, the type you might see on a tropical island. Some of the items are nautical looking, so this new range of products will come under a new logo I've devised...Sea Shanty'....though they are not ready for sale just yet.

Mel Qusifor: It sounds like you have some good ideas for future products Jaen. It has been a pleasure to chat with you and I know there will be some sample pictures of your Gorean Meals in this review. Also it would be good if you would provide us your in world shops landmarks and the proper URL for your store on the Market Place. I wish you well in your business endeavors.

Jaen Albatros:
I will be happy to provide the LMs and URLS, of course...and thank you very much for interviewing me


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