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New Release--Desirie's Red Knit Mesh Turtle Neck Dress.

Just released!

This lovely cowl turtle neck dress is a must have for the upcoming Winter and Holiday Season! 

Comes with a lovely pair of matching strappy red shoes along with a companion easy to use shoe HUD to perfectly match with your avatar's skin and resize the shoe to fit you.  The HUD also allows you to change your nail polish too!

Don't forget, the lovely gold chain for the extra hint of understated glamour.

As we strive to provide quality and affordability to our customers, this outfit is a steal at 199L.  Permissions on this  lovely outfit is copy only! 


Due to Marketplace restrictions, the Demo version on Marketplace is 1L  for a free demo version, please visit out In-World store.

Both the dress and demo version are now available In-World at Plaine Jaine's in The Village @ Villevotte! Or, on SL Marketplace.

Interview with Jaen Albatros of Kajira Delights (Gorean Foods By JB Designs)

The Village, hosts several merchants, in addition to Hell House Studios.  One of our our merchants is Jaen Albatros of Kajira Delights (Gorean Foods By JB Designs), who  graciously consented to an interview with guest Interviewer, Mel Qusifor. Jaen creates meals, usually in relationship for Gorean type role play.  The nice thing about her items, they can be used for types of role play as well.

I want to thank both Jaen and Mel for this interview. 

You can visit her shop in The Village at the following SURL KAJIRA DELGHTS

Mel Qusifor: I am here with the lovely Jaen Albatros, builder and business owner of Kajira Delights.  She has developed a wonderful product that is very helpful in the RP of serving meals on Gor.

Jaen, when did you first become interested in building and how did you start learning?

Jaen Albatros: Hmm, I first became interested in building a few years ago. I learned some basic principles, like always using the numbers etc. and made a few random thi…