SL Mesh For The Beginning Creator-Part 1

In the beginning...

If you have been in Second Life (SL) for any length of time, you may be familiar with some of the building components available,  like SL primitives (prims), sculpted maps, "layered" clothing and now, mesh.  I think after a time, if you are like me, you want to expand your horizons and start creating your own items.  There is just something about being able to create a usable item and say "I made this" that makes it feel all worthwhile.  

Personally, it took me a couple of years being in SL, getting familiar with how things worked, before I decided to start creating items on my own.  To be honest, it is quite daunting.  There is so much to learn that it can be overwhelming at times.  It takes a strong person with a lot of drive not to give up and call it quits for good.

I puttered around with prims and free textures for a long time.  I made simple things like stairs and round fountains out of hollowed cubes and cylinders for a long time.  Once I felt comfortable manipulating the camera and prims,  I started investing the time and a bit of money (for tips) to take some classes from Builders' Brewery and NCI to improve my skills...asking questions in the SL forums, Googling tutorials, joining help groups, etc.  

It has not been an easy journey.  It is very frustrating time and time again, especially since my RL  background is not in computers, art, programming, animating, graphic design, gaming etc. Some concepts simply take forever to click for me.  Sometimes, I just have to take a break from building/creating/learning and go do something else I love...RP.  And you know, it is good to take breaks now and then...something will happen, my interests piqued, and am back in the learning and creating mode. 

Learning Styles

I remember when I first started creating and began asking question on the SL Forums.  While I did receive some useful answers, most of the time I did not.  I remember a couple of well-know posters on the forums made suggestions that were totally not in my learning style or price range.  They were extremely adamant about their particular learning method and seemed to feel it applied to everyone.  I was very upset by this at the time.  And, to be honest, I am glad I finally decided not to listen to their advice and struck out on my own.

I think anyone offering advise or answers to someone needing assistance needs to be aware that EVERYONE  learns differently.  While the answer given may be true and accurate to you, it may not make sense to the person asking the question.  In the same vein, as the Seeker, you need to be prepared to accept the answers given graciously.  If you don't like the answer, do more research or rephrase your question and ask it again.

Patience, by both sides is a must and we need to keep in mind, some of us do better following written/textbook tutorials giving pictorial examples. Others are more visually and auditory learners and do quite well using videos as a primary method to gain knowledge.  Others, feel more comfortable being in a classroom setting listening to lectures and asking questions of an instructor.   Some folks use a combination of the aforementioned methods and/or add their own style. Not all methods of learning are acceptable or, usable, or applicable to everyone.  Be patient!

Having said the above in a very verbose fashion, the point is...YOU need to find YOUR personal learning style that works for you. 

Why Another Creation Series?

Okay,  why another creation series for Second Life?   LOL...Umm...because I want to do one?

Seriously, this creation series is more about providing resources on certain topic to those new to creating in SL.  A lot of the resource information is easy to find by googling but, when you are a begginner, you have no clue what is good or bad resource information.  Your ideas and terms may not be the same as the "technical terms".  Plus, many of the resources out there are old...things do change over time while other things seem like they never change.

I hope this series is useful...IT WILL skip around a lot with little to no consistency because that is my style.  I start with one thing on the left then suddenly I wake up and am on the ceiling distracted with things I discovered while on the left...LOL.

Hang on to your hats and enjoy the ride.


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