Last year, about this time, it was the "everything petite" fad infecting many of my friends.  Before that, it was the short-lived trend (thank heavens) of some of the ugliest female AVs I have ever seen...those ludicrous pear shaped AVs with the weird hips, knock-knees, and angry teenage looking faces dotted with tons of piercings.  Yuck!

Of course, this year's hottest fashion trend seems to be breast implants.  Everywhere you see boobs here, bewbies there, breasts popping out everywhere!  Some of the implants look really really nice on some AVs, while others look like they belong on a street corner saying "I'll do you for a twenty, Mister". 

Large breasted AVs are nothing new to SL.  When I first joined SL one of the running jokes was, if you saw a female AV which sported large melons on her chest, it was probably a guy behind the keyboard.   Also, you generally only saw anyone wearing a huge set of knockers was in some of fetish role play areas catering to a certain type of patron. Back then, the only option you had was to max out the AV shape sliders and adjust the body from there...they looked crappy and all weird, but hey they worked.   Now, you see mammoth mammaries all over the grid in some of the hottest  destinations and events. 

Do I own a pair of these huge mama's?   Yep, actually own several different brands. Each of the the breast implants have some similarities yet some major differences.  To be quite honest, I am really not all that pleased with any of the sets I own.  Matching and alignment with your AV can be a long tedious and frustrating process...lord help you if you accidentally reset them.

So, if you are thinking about purchasing some of these chesty enhancements, here are a few things I have learned and you might want to consider before you buy... not listed in any order of importance.

1) Set a Budget--Decide how much you are willing and can realistically spend and  waste if you end up not liking the mesh implants. 

2) Wardrobe--Unless  you already have clothes, which includes "appliers" you best add a whole new wardrobe to your budget.  Not all  designers make "appliers" for all the different  types/brands of implants.

"Appliers" are a small hud your wear to add a specific texture(s) to one of the layers of the breasts for clothing or skin adjustments

3) Do Cost Comparisons--According to some quick research on Second Life Marketplace, mesh Breasts run anywhere from 350L up to  :mused:'s Milk Made at a whopping 2500L.  The more expensive implants have more features, but are they the features you want or need?

4)  TRY BEFORE YOU BUY--Most of the implants makers, will have demos you can try before you buy.  I suggest you get the demos and compare features.

Honestly, if a maker doesn't offer a demo I would avoid buying the product, which includes the Lola Tangos.  If I hadn't needed the developer kit, I wouldn't have bought the Tangos. 

5) Check Your Skin--To have a decent appearance with your implants, your Avatar's skin needs to  match as closely as  possible,  the flesh texture on the breasts.  Again, try a demo! Skin matching is the most frustrating and time consuming part of the whole darn process!  

Many Skin Designers  make available "skin applier" or tattoo layers to help you match your skin and breasts.  I would check out your skin creator to see if the skin has "appliers" and get a copy to test on the demo implants

6) Appliers--Some skin and clothing creators offer the appliers for 0L; whereas, others charge extra for a skin or clothing "applier".   Some will charge a very small fee; whereas, others try to make a fortune off you.  To me, this is not acceptable.

If a skin creator or clothes designer charges extra for appliers, I won't do business with them.  Why? The UV map for the mesh breasts are not that complicated and is based on normal clothing templates.  It is not that difficult nor time consuming to create the "appliers"  

7) Know How To Edit--You need to know how to adjust attachments on your avatar.  While the breasts are generally resizeable using a resize script, it's not always perfect.  I wish some of them allowed for easy manual resizing...or as some resize scripts allow sizing of certain parts on certain axis. 

Adjust, Adjust, Adjust and keep adjusting.  This is probably the second hardest part of the process besides the skin issue. 

8) Adjust Your Shape--For best result, you should have a modifiable shape and know how to adjust it. It may be necessary to change the size, buoyancy and join factor of your breasts on your SL shape to get the implants to fit well. 

6) Patience is REQUIRED--Yes, patience is a must have if you are going to deal with mesh breasts. If you can't get them to work.  Put them up for a day or two.  You DON'T have to always wear them.

Below you will find some of the more popular breast implant makers.  Some are decidedly better than others are and their is a huge price difference. I suggest you do some research and testing.

Popular Breast Implant Makers
Here is some resource information to get you started on your research. 

Lola Tangos 
No-MP Store
Yes-InWorld Store-You will have to do an In-World search
Tangos most popular;  2 older less costly sets, newer applies may not work with these older versions. A little more intuitive to use  do skin matching.  Pretty realistic though rather oddly shaped and overly large.

[d] Lush Breasts 1.4 
Yes-MP Store
Yes-InWorld Store
Was difficult to match with skin.  Not as intuitive.  Very realistic looking. Not overly large.
:mused: Milk Made
Yes-MP Store
Yes-InWorld Store
Lactation/Fetish Implants
Never could get the skin to match well.  Very fetish oriented and not very realistic looking. .  Was a pain to play their "farming" game.

:mused: Full Breasts V2.0
Yes-MP Store
Yes-InWorld Store
Fetish Implants: Looks to be a down scaled version of the Milk Made's.  Have not purchased so am guessing.

Sinful Needs Aphrodite Sculpted Prim Breasts / Implants Version 2.00 (SCUPLT)
Yes-MP Store
Unknown-InWorld Store
Fetish ImplantsNot very realistic looking.  Was hard to get the appearance correct. Very confusing Appearance Hud

Universal Implants Version 0.95   800L
Yes-MP Store
Unknown-InWorld Store
Have not purchased no nothing about them.

Tiny Things--BBusty Magnus Ubera
Yes-MP Store
Market Place
Have not purchased no nothing about them. 


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