Product Review--G&S Gathering System

Yes...still working on the next piece of the clothing series, but in the meantime, I am taking a break and helping my friend, Ceri,  test some components for a role play systemShe needed space to run the test and someone to look at the product from a different viewpoint.  So...ummm....guess who got volunteered to help her?


What brought up this testing? Ceri was dissatisfied with some of the happenings and behaviors occurring within the Gor community.  Instead of continuing to feel frustrated and helpless at the lack of common decency, respect, and absent manners, she decided to try and take a positive approach seeing what she could create RP-wise.

Noooo, we are not going into a long diatribe on the subject.  Instead, we are going to see how, as a RP sim owner or an RP Administrator, we can take advantage of the SL environment to enhance role play for RP members?  One way we decided is to try and introduce an economy into the mix.  Not one that forces you to live and breath the darn thing, but one which enhances the characters and doesn't detract from the role play itself.

Meters, Combat Systems, Oh My

To be honest, I have had little experience with many of the newer "role play" or "combat" systems currently available.  The ones I have encountered over the years generated too much lag, promoted trigger happy combat junkies or, people relied too heavily on the systems and forgot to RP.  On the other hand, my friend usually does most of her role playing in SL Gor.  She is use to using a combat meter since most Gor sims require them for raids, fighting, capturing, etc. So, we each are coming at this from different perspectives.

There are many role play systems out there that can be add to a role play sim to add a touch more realism, such as Spell Fire, Omega, G&S and Nutri-Life System (NLS) not to mention many others combat and hybrid combat systems. 

So, with that in mind, let's look at the  G&S RP-HUD System

RP-Hud [G&S] Product Review

G&S RP-HUD appears to be a multi-function system based for combat,    "gathering/production" type of system.  You grow your own food, harvest it, prepare it for meals or drinks, then eat it to sustain your health. Unlike some other systems, you will not die if your health is not sustained, you will simply not be able to do a few things such as tend your fields to their maximum potential. 

The system appears to be created and/or supported by Sombra Magic & Guardian Barom I believe that Sombra may be the actual creator but am not sure. Both have been residents since 2008 and you can check out their items on Second Life Marketplace.


Ceri went overboard on this system when I told her she could set up an RP area.  I lost count of the number of fields and bosks and verr she has purchased not to mention other items needed for final production from raw products.

Yes, if you haven't picked up on it yet, this system is basically geared towards those that have Gorean or Medieval type looking RP areas or homes.  However, if you dismiss the naming conventions, almost all of the products are equally at home in medieval or modern day homes or RP sims.   

Since I really cannot compare the G&S system, as it is called, with another system of its' type, I decided for now at least, I would offer up some pros and cons that I see.   Oh, and I have included a few of Ceri's as well...I told her she should be writing this not me.

Ceri's Likes

  • No Weekly/Monthly Fees
  • Buy, Rezz and Go.  No need to wait for someone to come  to your area and do a set-up on your sim. 
  • Notecards with limited instructions are included with each item.
  • Does have some starter "kits" for some purchases
  • Initial purchase of items to test the system appears to be relatively low cost.
  • Items are made of mesh and low prim/land impact 
  • Seems to be low lag. 
  • Can add G&S weapons buttons on the HUD 
  • You can buy additional food stuff when starting out at some of the G&S Markets set up by various sim owners.  
  • Can set your items to groups for security.  
  • You don't die if you have no energy on the meter.  
  • Is a good support group with very nice helpful people in it.
  • Are many G&S markets selling various produce from the system for both the system coin or for the small amounts of Lindens.
  • Is a large scale economy rather than per sim.  
  • If you want to get out of the farming business, can sell your produce and other items since the items are transfer.
  • Can sell your excess produce at the many G&S markets around. 
Being a few weeks down the road now, Ceri really likes this system.  While it frustrated her at first because it took 3-5 days for some of the items to produce, she said there are many things to learn that are not written down, but the support group is very helpful in answering the questions she had.  LOL...I know she probably had a ton of questions knowing her.  

Her advice is to buy a few things, since relatively speaking they are not that expensive, and try them.    

 Morgaine's Dislikes

  • The instructions for the system is limited.  Could find no complete manual.The website has very limited information.
  • Instruction notecards are in Spanish (the creator is a native Spanish speaker) but there are many in English but not all products.
  • Objects names, like water buckets and food are generally in Spanish.  HOWEVER, if you rezz many items and take back into inventory the name will often change to English. ((Google Translate is a must))
  • Items are not modifiable.  Seems little reason to make the items non-modifiable.  Can understand making the script no mod, but the object itself should be made modifiable for resizing purposes 
  • Unable to re-texture items. This is unpardonable in my book, especially some items such as the cook stove or furniture.  Makes it hard to fit numerous decors and detracts from the buildings they are housed in if you have a themed RP area.
  • The HUD itself is annoying.  Has a punch animation that can be accidentally turned on I would suggest another HUD be made for non-fight needs, such as Gor Slaves. 
  • Order of Hud is annoying
  • The recipes in the cookbooks (even the 1.4 version) are very limited in the food you can currently cook.  More recipes need to be added. 
  • Also, cookbook menu needs to have more ingredient page choices when cooking.  If you have multiple food items of the same thing out it will show them as multiple button entries. 
  •  Creators cannot purchase the scripts to make additional complimentary items for the system like you can some other systems.
  • RP Owners have no control over the system but security.  They cannot set the time/number of days for an item like a sul field or bosk to produce.  This can hamper or, cripple an RP sim.   While some of this can be minimized with multiple production items and time, you then run into prim and land usage issues. 
  • Is limited in what is for sale currently, although I am told they are working on other items.
  • Some of the starter kits have redundant items so you much watch what you are buying.
I know looking at my list may turn many of you off from even looking at the system.  But don't let it!  

I suggest you not take my all of my dislikes as dissing the system.   Like anything else, you can get opinions from others, but you should investigate the products yourself. G&S has a lovely family farm (Ceri visited with some friends before she purchased anything and was very impressed.  Like me, she is hard to impress) and I am sure if you IM the creator a demo could be set up for you as well.

Happy Farming!

P.S. Ceri will have a small G&S RP related market open soon...she is hoping by Memorial Day Weekend.  I think she is calling the place Arx Pagus.  Yes, it is the area I am LOANING her.  Drop by to visit in appropriate Medieval or Gorean dress and I am sure she would be happy to give you a tour, answer questions, and maybe even give you a canister of milk.


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