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Upcoming Antique Grid Show Summer Hunt-Don't Miss it!

Just announced Antique Grid Show: Summer Hunt July 14-27
For those of you love old things, this is the Hunt for You.  
Select Creators 
will participate in a 14 day celebration of Summer. 
Mark it on your calendar 
Don't Miss Out!
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Product Review--G&S Gathering System

Yes...still working on the next piece of the clothing series, but in the meantime, I am taking a break and helping my friend, Ceri,  test some components for a role play system.  She needed space to run the test and someone to look at the product from a different viewpoint.  So...ummm....guess who got volunteered to help her?

What brought up this testing? Ceri was dissatisfied withsome of the happenings and behaviors occurring within the Gor community.  Instead of continuing to feel frustrated and helpless at the lack of common decency, respect, and absent manners, she decided to try and take a positive approach seeing what she could create RP-wise.

Noooo, we are not going into a long diatribe on the subject.  Instead, we are going to see how, as a RP sim owner or an RP Administrator, we can take advantage of the SL environment to enhance role play for RP members?  One way we decided is to try and introduce an economy into the mix.  Not one that forces you to live and …

Mesh Studio Building Tips--Resizing & Texuring

Mesh Studio Building TipsI wanted to offer up a couple of quick tips (okay maybe not so quick)  for things I have come across using Mesh Studio you might find useful. These may be things you already know or, they may not. I hope you find them useful. 

Stay EducatedHave you ever tried to re-size a sculpted item and thought OMG this looks awful and will never work?  You may have ended up tossing the item and/or cursing the sculpt creator?  Well the same thing can occur when you re-size mesh.  It is an inherent quality of both sculpts and mesh re-sizing from the original size an item was created at could distort the final product.

Can this distortion be fixed? How do we fix it?  Yes, with a little thought and ingenuity we can avoid some of the odd visual messes, although some we cannot.

Our first line of defense is AWARENESS.  

I can't stress this enough....keep yourself informed!  Be aware how sculpts and mesh operate, each has its' limitations, and how it acts when resizing.  Be…