I am not sure this has happened to anyone else, but I want to bring it  to your attention.  It is a rather weird issue discovered by a couple of my just in the past couple of days, which has prompted me to write this article.  I think this issue has been around for a few years from what little information I can gather.

Have you ever rezzed an object that as one or more sculpted items or parts and the thing just won't rezz totallyNo matter what you do...relog...clear cache...reboot your computer...use a different viewer...the silly thing won't rezz correctly.  Okay so now what? 

The problem is this.  Some how, some where, the Second Life server(s) has lost the UUID  of one or more of the sculpt maps used in the creation of the object you are trying to rezz. 

According to Wikipedia  it is "[a] universally unique identifier (UUID) is an identifier standard used in software construction, standardized by the Open Software Foundation." What this means in plain language is, each texture, sound, animation, mesh, sculpt map, and/or other item(s) uploaded to SL is given a unique identifying number.  It identifies to SL certain information about the object including, who uploaded the item.  If the  UUID is lost   for whatever reason, the object or, one of its' components will not rezz making the item not usable In-world.
I think this missing UUID issue is most often seen when a creator uses a script requiring this UUID, instead of the actual component item, and somehow, the script or object becomes corrupted.  Sometimes, resetting the script in the object will correct the problem; however, this does not always correct the problem.  

A less often seen issue, but in the same vain as the one above, is the SL server(s) losing the UUID on sculpt maps.  Generally, once a UUID is uploaded it SHOULD be retained in the data base; however, it appears that sometimes, this information is lost.   From those I have talked to no one seems to know how this happens. But, I have had it happen now on two separate occasions on two separate buildings where I used the actual sculpt map.  Both times, it was one of my Customers that discovered the problem.

I have some really fabulous and patient customers. So, it pains me greatly when a customer has a problem with a build.  But, the good news is that with each problem they find, I learn to be a better builder and quickly can solve problems they may have.

Customers are just like you and I, we simply want decent, well-working, well-made products for a reasonable price.  For those that do not create items, they may never know the hours of work involved in creating something that appears to be simple.  Like other builders, I work hard and put  hours into creating things so they are just right.  Once the item is built, I give copies to friends to test and I pour over and over what could go wrong before releasing it.  I want my customers to know they can count on purchasing good products with no problems, but sometimes that is just not possible.  Like, this issue of the non-rezzing pieces of a building. 

When this issue was discovered and brought to my attention,  I rezzed the item it looked fine to me.  I had no issues with it rezzing properly.   I sent a new copy to the customer thinking the one they originally bought was some how corrupted; however, when they rezzed it, they had the same issue.  I think both the customer and I were  frustrated after doing this a couple of times, so I had to make a visit to their site in order to actually see the problem for myself.  Eventually, I was able to fix the issue to both our satisfaction, although it did take some time.

Okay, so what do you do if determine you creation with a sculpt map  is missing? First, you need to find the sculpt map you used and have it in your open inventory not packed away.  The SL server(s) need to find this map so it can be used and cannot do this it seems if packed up.   Next, find your original creation and drop the sculpt map into the the non-rezzing piece(s). This should fix the problem.  Send a new copy to your customer(s) and thank them for helping your find and solve this problem.  Next, I would replace any prior builds you have for sale with the new your vendors and on Market you do not continue to have this issue.

If this is a repeated problem with a particular sculpt map, you have a couple of options.  You can contact the original creator and explain the issue.  My guess is they do not know there is an issue and they may need to re-upload the sculpt map in order for SL to recognize it. A good creator should redistribute the map to all those folks, who purchased that particular map.   

Or, another option is, you can replace the item with a sculpt map from a different creator.  Since this was a door frame that was causing the issue on two of my builds, I chose to replace the frames with a mesh one that I had created.  It is really up to you what method works best for you and fits your style of creation.

Good luck and hopes this bit of information is helpful.



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