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NEW-Greco Roman Curule Chairs

New Release!
Just posted on Second Life Market Place...not 1 but 2...Greco-Roman Curule chairs!  This is a great piece for any Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Gorean, or Medieval themed sim or for personal home decor.  It is offered in red & gold or green & gold upholstery.

Each chair features numerous (13) male and (11) female poses for single sit AVs...and not just the same old lame sits everyone seems to be using.

Due to RL illness (yes, the flu then pneumonia got me), these chairs have not been set for sale in-world yet to test and/or purchase; thus, they are only available on Market Place.

This historical themed chair is perfect for either male or female sitters.  Simply touch the chair and chose from the menu which position suits your tastes. Easy to adjust. Retains settings for multiple AVs.   Is perfect for any home, garden, or role play sim.

HHS 3-Chore Cleaning Buckets--On Sale Now!

ON SALE ON SL MARKET PLACE & IN-WORLDI seem to be in a creative mood!  Here another couple of offerings for your role play pleasure. 

I have created and have on offer not one but TWO NEW Cleaning Chore buckets!  

Each Cleaning Bucket offers 3 separate cleaning chores AND each bucket has DIFFERENT scrubbing, sweeping, and mopping animations.  The price is very low for such a combo-pack.  Buy one...or, BUY BOTH.  Give as a gift! 

Both Cleaning Chore buckets are made with low-polygon mesh keeping the land impact or, prim count to an exciting low level of 2.  

EACH Cleaning Bucket is menu driven allowing you to select the chore of your choice.  Upon choosing your chore, an appropriate pre-set sculpted-wearable will be offered to your inventory.   Simply accept and wear.  

This is a nice addition to any and all role play sims from Medieval to Modern...from Gor to other Fantasy sims.  Just rezz it in world and go! Anyone is allowed to use the chore.  Makes a great kajirae chorefor those o…