Hell House Studios and Affiliates License Agreement/Terms of Use For Full Permissions Items

It being a new year, and with my increasing skills in making mesh components,  I thought I would post the licensing and terms of service agreement for those of you tending to buy current or future full permission items. 

The main jist of this is, as with any licensing agreement, you are being allowed the use of the products to enhance and/or add to YOUR creative building ideas in Second Life.  If you want full creator and intellectual property rights to an item, you will need to make your own.  

Hell House Studios and Affiliates
License Agreement/Terms of Use For Full Permissions Items

By purchasing  and/or receiving this/these product(s) full permissions, either  In-World and/or Second Life Marketplace purchases, and/or from low-cost specials, group gifts, MM boards, Lucky chairs, hunt gifts, and/or other promotional giveaway by Hell House Studio and their Affiliates, you agree and accept the following licensing and terms of use in accordance with the Terms of Service (TOS) of Linden Lab's Second Life, and adhere to any and all laws relating to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), Trademark, Copyright, and/or in addition to, any other laws applicable to your country of residence, and the terms listed below.

You are allowed to use this/these product(s) to assist you in your own personal building creations, either for personal use, and/or professional use, and/or for resale, provided the following permissions on the finished completed item/product are:

1. copy only
2. transfer only
3. copy/modify
4. transfer/modify

You may NOT sell, resell, distribute, redistribute or publish this product with full permission or with copy/transfer rights alone or within a building/creation set for resale.

You may NOT download, share, copy, transfer, give away this/these item(s) with/to any alternate account(s), building group(s), building partner(s), friend(s), family, other residents, etc. in Second Life, other virtual worlds, and/or other platforms.

You may NOT sell, resell, give away, transfer, this/these product(s) singularly and/or as a collective unaltered item by simply re-texturing it. The item must be a part of a complete set you create and not the whole item in the set.

You may NOT sell/give this/these product(s) away, singularly or as a collective, unaltered and/or simply textured for free promotions, Hunts, group gifts, Lucky Chairs, Lucky Boards, Midnight Mania, and/or any other type of free "Giveaways" and/or any other promotional type derivatives.  If you are going to use this product for those types of events you MUST use this/these product(s) to compliment and/or add to your personal building creation.

You may NOT export this product from Second Life, alter it, and/or re-upload this product to Second Life, other virtual worlds and/or mediums and sell it as your creation.

You may NOT export, alter, and/or re-upload this product to any other platform, merchant site, or other places to sell, distribute, or giveaway.

You MAY use this/these products to enhance your personal or professional creations you wish for personal, professional, or resale use.

By failing to adhere to these terms of service, licensing, and/or DMCA, will be met with legal action and prosecution of all involved parties in such infringement. 

Applicable to all products 2009-2013


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