Tis The Season-Hackers, Scammers, Phishing


Just a reminder during this busy Holiday Season, hackers, scammers, phishing, and all sorts of unsavory people are out to make their Holiday bright by making your Holidays miserable.

I know this morning, I received to notifications from Google about attempts to access my email account.  Luckily, they did not access it. But, I took extra precautions just in case.   Not, 15 minutes later, I received a number of notices from various groups about 3 different scamming attempts In-World. 

If you are a Second Life Resident, here are a few tips to keep your Second Life and your Real Life safe.
  • DO NOT share your personal RL information with others. 
  • DO Change your password(s) frequently.  
  • DO NOT use your Second Life password(s) for other things like email, games, other internet accounts.  Use separate passwords for everything you do. 
  • DO NOT share your Second Life account(s) or, password(s) with ANYONE.
  • DO use a combination of capital letters, numbers, small letters, and symbols.
  • DO have a long password, which makes it less likely you will be hacked.
  • DO NOT store your password(s) on servers, clouds, or, your computer.  Be old fashioned--write it down and keep it in a safe place.
  • DO NOT use instant log-in functions offered by various internet sources.  It may be a pain, but you will be safer in the long run.
  • DO NOT accept ANY items unless you know the person.  Do not open or rezz anything from anyone you do not know.  do If you receive something from someone you know unexpectedly, check with them first before you open or rezz the item. Their account could have been hacked
  • DO NOT accept friendship offers from people sent out of the blue.
  • DO NOT TP to places you do not know. 
  • DO run firewall and enable pop-up blockers when cruising the Internet.
  • DO use virus protection on your computer.  Make sure you keep it up-to-date and scan your computer at least once a day.
  • DO use spam and malware programs in addition to your virus protection.
  • Do back up your computer frequently on a separate external drive or, save important documents on secure clouds or micro drives.
  • Do take advantage of credit card secure shopping offers, especially when shopping online.
If you think you have been hacked, contact Linden Labs immediately.  Either by phone or the Live Chat feature (if available to you) and report the issue.  Take the extra step to write down this information in case your cannot access your SL account.

Immediately run a virus, spam, and malware scan.

Change your passwords on important things like personal emails, bank accounts, credit cards, etc.

If necessary, report the hacking to your bank and credit card companies. 

While this may seem overkill and time consuming, it can save you money, hassle, grief, frustration, and unnecessary headaches. 

I wish each of you a Happy and Joyous Holiday Season!


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