From time to time, I like to share interesting or useful products I use to help my creative processes become easier.  I am a very hard woman to please and DO NOT give out idle compliments.  A compliment given is one well deserved.  

Today's creative talent is Xoph Adamczyk and the product in the spotlight today is Beadrez Necklace Generator V6.


 Beadrez Necklace Generator Updated for 2012
I purchased this product earlier in the year and have just now had the opportunity to really use it.  I am rather slow a creator because I am too much of a perfectionist I suppose.

Anyway, I started messing around with it last night in order to create a necklace for a specific clothing outfit I am going to release this weekend for the Winter Holiday Season.  I was really surprised at what I was able to make to compliment the outfit rather quickly.  

For anyone that has EVER tried to make necklace or skirts by hand, you know how tedious, frustrating and time consuming this can be.   Beadrez takes out this frustration and a MAJOR labor saving device in my opinion. 

Like most things, there IS a LEARNING curve to this product.  While it is not overly complicated to learn and is relatively easy to use straight out of the box, there are A LOT of options and commands to chose from to make your life easier.  It is also preloaded with sample beads and example cards. 

Using the included sample beads will show Xoph as the creator; however, you can replace the "root" prim object in the product, so when linked, it shows you as the creator.   BUT, this can be further remedied because Beadrez includes the "Teach Pad, which assists you in creating your own sculpt/prim beads to add to the rezzor.  the whole thing really is quite ingenious.

While this product appears to be mainly a jewelry generator, it also has the option to create skirts.  I have not really played with this option other than creating the sample so cannot speak much about that function.  What I did notice was it appears to have a better "fit" around the hips because you can set the curvature.  At some point, I will check out that function and report back on it.

Luckily, all the information you need to know is on Xoph's blog, which you can find at  These is both written text and some embedded videos showing you how to use the product to create In-World.  The one downside to the videos are there is no voice but short printed instructions to follow.  You may need to watch it a time or two to gain a full understanding.   If you are interested in the product, I would spend some time reading and becoming familiar with everything it can do to see if this is the right product for you.   

Helpful Hint--Being from the old school, I need things on paper for easier readability and can use my trusty highlighter to mark specific points. I have copied the pertinent blogs and note card details, pasted them in my word processing program, and printed out what I needed for a user's manual.  It allows me to follow step by step the examples given while I am In-World without switching between the blog or, cluttering up my computer screen with note cards. 


There is an additional add-on available, which is NOT necessary to buy to use Beadrez.  I purchased this product last night, after having used the product slightly in the past, and finding all the buttons confusing.   The HUD is slider based and functions the same as the menu buttons from the Beadrez, but is much less confusing and more efficient than the menus on Beadrez.

The advantage I have found to the HUD is, most of the commands needed are on 2 pages and not restricted to the limited number of nested menu buttons from the Beadrez itself.  For ME, I have found the HUD very useful in helping me begin to create much more quickly. 

Beadrez Add On HUD

This product is available In-World and also on **SL Market Place.  

I know some of you may experience sticker shock when you see the product price.  To that, I can only much is your time worth to you?  How much is accuracy worth to you? How much is keeping your frustration level low due to ease of use worth to you? How much is presenting a nicely made product to your customers worth to you?  

A creator and merchant's creative and imaginative products are only as good as the tools they employ to make their creation. Thus, an investment in good tools, RL or SL, can make a huge different between a great product and mediocre product. It is up to you to decide what tools you are willing to invest in.

**I am a firm believer in Market Place purchases for the simple fact I have some recourse if I have issues.  Not to mention, the reviews are quite helpful in making choices what I purchase.  Beadrez has some pretty stellar reviews...over 500 I help you make your choices in products. 


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