This Week's Creative Product-Trendy Templates

Hopefully....Stella will not kill me for "borrowing" her logo from her blog...or, taking the liberty to post some of her skirt generator pictures from SL Market Place.Trendy Template SL Market Place Link

I recently met Stella Gravois, for the first time, at her recently remodeled store Trendy Templates early one Saturday morning...well it was early for me anyway...LOL.  I was trying to wake up with my Chocolate Velvet Coffee while visiting because of some announcement about her shop I had received from a group I am in for Christmas items.  

One of Trendy Templates NEW Christmas Skirt Generators 

Stella is very vivacious and pointed out to my bleary eyes her Midnight Mania board (she has for group with some wonderful items and a public board with also some wonderful items)  and was very gracious and helpful.  I ended up with a long list of "must have Skirt Generators" and left her shop that day with a fatter inventory and a much slimmer Linden Wallet...LOL. 

This was not the first time I have purchased from Stella.  I first became acquainted with Stella's products a number of months back while browsing Market Place for some clothing templates.

I have been using her clothing templates for close to a year because of the quality I have found in them.  I originally purchased the templates because they came with the .psd file and were available for purchase on SL Market Place (I do most of my shopping on SL Market Place...hint for all you non-Market Place merchants out there).   I learned through, trial and error, you spend the extra Lindens and purchase the .psd files for clothing if they were offered...they help keep the clothing nightmares away usually and they are much more versatile than mere .tga/.png In-World only textures some template makers offer.  

What is great about Stella's templates, besides the fact you can acquire the .psd file on many of her  items, is the fact she makes WOMEN and MEN'S templates.   Plus, she also does has a few items for children. Some of the templates even come with sculpty pieces to complete your work.

Trendy Templates Skirt Generator Sampler

And, you know what is even better? If you have ever tried to make your own skirt by hand or used one of those skirt rezzer things and gotten so frustrated you couldn't see straight, Trendy Templates offers a variety of reasonably priced Skirt Generators that does the work for you.  Plus, the each of the skirt pieces shows you as the creator. She even offers tutorials!

So, if you are in the new to the SL clothing design market or, even an old hand at it, I strongly suggest you pay a visit to Trendy Templates and see for yourself what is on offer. Trendy Templates


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