Snowy Winter Tree Pack 1

I have been making another attempt at learning Blender.  The learning curve has been pretty steep and has taken me a long time to wrap my head around 3-D modeling concepts. But, on the a bright note I am progressing.  Woo Hoo!

So, my first mesh offering is a simple snow covered tree to grace your homes and sims.

This is a 1 prim, low-polygon, mesh tree.  

1 Prim Mesh Tree
 I thought this tree turned out quite well.  When applied to the mesh tree base, the alpha tree texture  is very crisp, clear, and shows some nice realistic details.

This tree is reminiscent of the original SL 3-4 prim plants/trees with applied alpha textures we had for so long before sculpts came into being making it possible to be more organic  (Yes, I am an ancient SL soul I think) This is a mesh tree is of similar design. 

"Wait!  You mean it is like those boring old alpha trees with those dreaded alpha textures on them"?

Yep, that is what I mean exactly.

"Ewww! Why would I want those kinds of trees ever again"?

Well for one thing, if you are a sim owner running RP, you have to be very prim conscious if you wish to make your sim an inviting place.  RP owners do a lot of work insuring their sims are provide the ambiance needed for their themed sim.  It is the little touches which bring a sim to life.

Other considerations if you have a market, you have to dole out prims to merchants taking precious resources from your themed areas.  If there is rental housing available, you have to allot so many prims so your renters can feel at home.  Not to mention, you have to make your RP areas fit the part.  One prim trees versus, say two (or more) prim sculpt trees can add up quickly.  Every little bit you save can go into other items to add to your theme.

These considerations also spill over if you own a home or rent a home in SL.  Prims are still at a premium...every prim counts when it comes to furnishing your place and making it feel like your home.  From the interior to the outside, a few touches here and there can make a big difference in creating just the right feel and declaring to the whole of SL your uniqueness and personal style. 

Wouldn't you rather have more prims to decorate with yet still have a lovely tree or two in your yard?

Prim savings is what this little mesh tree is all about. It is sharp and clear, and while is still based on old style prim plants and trees technology, it is a much better looking tree than they use to be.

This tree actually has a land impact (LI) cost of .500; however, when uploaded all mesh has to equal at least 1 prim to be rezzed in-world.  Still, one prim is excellent.

What is in the package?

This beautiful snowy tree package includes two snowy trees, which are 10 meter tall.  Both are copyable trees. One tree is set to be physical, meaning you cannot walk thru it, while the other is phantom and allows you to approach and walk through it. The texture is the same on both trees. 

How much is it?

Snowy Winter Tree Pack 1 is being offered at the ridiculously low price of 50L for 2 copyable, 1 prim trees. 

You can view this tree soon in Villevotte and will be posted on Market Place by Wednesday.  Other snowy tree packages will be  available shortly as well, which will include different heights, tree types, permissions, and varying prices, etc. 

And, at 50L for this tree you really can't go wrong.  It makes an inexpensive and low prim decorative item for any winter sim or, those decorating their homes for the upcoming Holiday Season.

Be daring...give it a try. 


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