Opening Soon!--Hell House Studio's Winter Village

Yes, I am a little late posting this.  I..ummm...well, I got distracted by the 7 Deadly Sins Hunt that is going on from now till the end of the month. 

While the Antique Grid Show-Autumn Hunt is my first hunt as a merchant to participate in, the 7 Deadly Sins Hunt is my first hunt as a resident. So, since I was distracted, I...umm...forgot I promised to post a few pictures of the new shop area. 

Anyway, here are a few shots of what I have been working on in the village shopping area

Just Down the Street

These in-world photos were taken on a night setting and have not been retouched.

Soft Glow of the Street Lamps

Just a faint hint of glow in the buildings, seems to gives an atmosphere of snowy realism. Yes, that's me in the background.

Down the Tree Covered Lane

Can you believe these realistic-looking, low-polygon mesh, alpha-textured, snowy trees, when linked with the corresponding winter plants, are ONLY 5 prims?  The old fashioned prim way, they would have been 60 prims minimum.  And, I seriously doubt that sculpt trees and plants would come in under 10 prims.

Down on Main Street

Ooops, I think they forgot to clean the walkways down on this end of the Village.

So this is being constructed...simple, not over done, tasteful, and with a soft slow charm..or, I hope so.  It is not a mall nor will it become one.  I want merchants and customers alike to be able to come here and enjoy the place.  Rest if they wish and rejuvenate themselves.  This is a new area so be aware it is currently does not have a high traffic count.  Each merchant will need to promote themselves and the area. 

It will have seasonal changes and varying holiday themes done simply and tastefully...not the in-your-face type things.  And, events can be hosted if we can come up with ideas , which will be collective and inclusive of all merchants in the area. We are all busy, and have different talents, so to make this work for each of us we must all work together. No one person should have to do the work that will benefit everyone.

Before you decide....IMPORTANT NOTE...Hell House Studios is located Villevotte sim on the Zinda continent, which is adult rated.  Villevotte IS NOT a sex sim nor, has it been one in the past. There is no "reputation here" to contend with here that I know of.  I have owned this sim since the Adult Continent was created.  Thus, ANY ADULT wares, will need to be tasteful and discrete for passerbys on the street.  Most buildings do have a 2nd and 3rd floor that can be used for discrete/intimate items.

Pipe dream you say?  Yes, it could be, but SL is, and always has been, created by its' residents.  We are the creative force behind our world. 

If you are a merchant and need a small place, with a down-home, small village, charming type atmosphere to peddle your wares for the upcoming Holiday season and beyond, contact me in-world with your interest and your needs.



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