O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum...Your Branches Green Delight Us

Whew, what a Sunday!

Between being sick in RL, helping a new merchant find a spot in to the newly opened HHS-The Village, tidying up my workspace, and talking to a number of you wonderful folks in The Village today, time simply got away from me.  

I wasn't able to get all accomplished what I wished to building-wise this weekend.  I will have to plug along this coming week and try to finish-up the new Sleigh Bed I have been building.  It needs some final texturing and animation added.  I dread setting up animations.  They are a very time consuming process.  Unlike some, I do not use an engine,  I set my animations one by one for perfect fit to the creation.

Plus, I have one or two gothy type Christmas outfits in my head I want to try to create and release with accessories and boots for the upcoming Holiday Season. 

But, what I did accomplish was the new Evergreen Packs!  I had a couple of requests for these packs and still have a couple more to finish with different kinds of sculpted Evergreens than the ones show below. Those will also be offered in similar sizes.

Evergreen Tree-Pack 1 
Evergreen Tree-Pack 3
Evergreen Tree-Pack

Between creating the trees, texturing them, photoshoot product photos, adding sale information graphics, packaging them, then setting them for sale In-World,  I figured out I have over 5 hours in the project already. 

Whew!  And, I still need to upload for you kind folks to Second Life Market Place.  But, that will have to wait till after work tomorrow night. 
Evergreen Tree-Pack 4

Each of these packages, are a great low-prim "must have" for anyone, who rents or owns land.  The variety, sizes, and two different tree types are great for mixing-n-matching tree arrangements to add detail to your home, business, or RP sim. 

Each  Package includes: 

6-100% Sculpted and Shaped Evergreen
 1 Prim per Evergreen
Contains No Glow for natural look at Midnight
Does not contain a trunk to keep LI/Prim costs low
All Evergreens are set to phantom
Copy Only/No Modify/No Transfer
Detailed, custom-created, realistic, alpha Evergreen textures

Type A Sculpt Evergreen-Less Rounded
   1-4 Meters Tall
   1-3 Meters Tall
   1-2 Meters Tall 

Type B Sculpt Evergreen-Fuller
   1-4 Meters Tall
   1-3 Meters Tall
   1-2 Meters Tall 

Visit us In-World at Hell House Studios The Village Annex to see these and many other wonderful items on sale.  They are available now for purchase.  And will be, tomorrow evening on Marketplace.

While visiting, take a peek at the merchants that are moving in and give them a warm welcome.


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