Good Clothing Tutorial For Beginners

I have been working on creating SL layered clothing in Photoshop for the past few days.  I am not an expert, and like many new Designers/Creators and in the beginning stages.  While I don't expect to be some successful SL Clothing Designer, I do think I can make a few things that are suited to my tastes and have been unable to find.

I like layered clothing because it does conform to your shape much better than the mesh stuff I have seen and doesn't look like it has that baked on clay look to it.  But, this is my personal preferences at this point in time.

Anyway, you know, sometimes you accidentally find things you just feel like you need to share with others?  Well such is the case with the following video series I stumbled on this morning while looking for some information on creating a more "finished" look for necklines. 

 I do not know this person nor have I purchased anything from her.  I simply found AmberChaudry Corpur's (SL AV name) Youtube videos (MasoonPnA) for making clothing something I feel should be shared with other new Designers. 

AmberChaudry offers a number of tips and tricks, including how create easy necklines for shirts, how to create wrinkles, how to create shading, etc.  in Photoshop.  I am not sure what version she is using but it was easy to interpret for CS6, which is what I currently use.  I think this would also be useful for those GIMP users if they are able to translate Photoshop tools to GIMP tools.

While there appears to be a volume issue for some viewers, AmberChaudry is very soft spoken, I had no issues personally with the volume other than turning it up on my headset.   Like any other video tutorial, you should know the basics of your software program.  Her videos vary in how fast she goes, but this is easily corrected by rewinding, reviewing, and making notes as you go, or, you can follow along making a shirt. 

There are currently 5 parts to her Beginner's tutorial with 2 additional ones, necklines and matching shading between tops and bottoms.  You can find her first video at the following URL.

P.S. I did try to embed the first video, but either Blogger is not cooperating or it is user error; I tend to believe it is the latter.


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