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This Week's Creative Product-Trendy Templates

Hopefully....Stella will not kill me for "borrowing" her logo from her blog...or, taking the liberty to post some of her skirt generator pictures from SL Market Place.Trendy Template SL Market Place Link

I recently met Stella Gravois,for the first time,at her recently remodeled store Trendy Templates early one Saturday morning...well it was early for me anyway...LOL.  I was trying to wake up with my Chocolate Velvet Coffee while visiting because of some announcement about her shop I had received from a group I am in for Christmas items.  

Stella is very vivacious and pointed out to my bleary eyes her Midnight Mania board (she has for group with some wonderful items and a public board with also some wonderful items)  and was very gracious and helpful.  I ended up with a long list of "must have Skirt Generators" and left her shop that day with a fatter inventory and a much slimmer Linden Wallet...LOL. 

This was not the first time I have purchased from Stella. …

My Apologzies & Gift Pulled

Due to someone being exceedingly greedy and taking about 80 copies of my gift on Thanksgiving day, more than likely to exploit them, I have pulled my gift from the Antique Grid Show Autumn Hunt. 

I must say this "first hunt" experience has taught me a valuable lesson the hard way. It is sad when one person ruins things for everyone else.   Because of this single person, I will no longer be participating in SL Hunts, or at least, for the foreseeable future.  Hunt organizers and Hunters wonder why Merchant/Creators don't wish to participate. This particular experience is one of the reasons why. 

My sincerest apologizes to you last minute Hunters.  If you are doing the hunt within the next day or so, and not gotten the gift, if you will IM me In-World, I will be happy to send you a copy.

Antique Grid Show Hunt Ending!

Only two more days of the Antique Grid Show's Autumn Hunt! 

Be sure you drop by and find the gift on offer, it will be taken down at 4:00 SLT on Friday, November 30, 2012.

New Release-Alva Medieval Crimson & Gold Plus Gorean Version

Hot off the Press.....

Not one, but TWO versions of this simple but understated Crimson and Gold Dress!   All layer pieces are copy/modify/no transfer; where as the prims pieces are resizable/transfer.

This is a no muss, no fuss, no clutter quality offering at a very low price.

IncludesCrimson & Gold two layered Shirt
Crimson & Gold two-tired Skirt
Gold Glitch Pants
Crimson Prim Sleeves
Golden Chain & Red Jeweled Belt

And for all you Free Gorean Women out there, YES, your words have been heard!  There is a version of this dress just for you.

IncludesCrimson & Gold two layered Shirt
Crimson Modesty Undershirt
Crimson Gloves
Golden Gloves
Crimson & Gold two-tiered Skirt
Gold Glitch Pants
Crimson Prim Sleeves
Golden Chain & Red Jeweled Belt
Golden Chain & Red Jeweled Golden Face Veil
Golden Hair Veil

Purchase In-world at HHS The Village

Or, on SL Marketplace…


Now on offer to Second Life Residents...In-World at Plaine Jaine's and on SL Market Place.  

Items can be seen and purchased at the HHS The Village.  

Come browse our offerings, visit the other merchants, or, just come and hang out and listen to the smooth jazz with friends.

HHS The Village SURL--Click me to TP
Dark charcoal or lighter charcoal and black sweater dresses are now on offer.  

Both Sweater Dresses come with Boots and Cuffs!  Also, each Sweater Dress come with 3 resizeable skirts for a more realistic flair. 

1) Belted Flexible Skirt
2) No Belt Flexible Skirt
3) Short Mini Tank Skirt

 BOOTSYes, you can purchase the boots separately!  


As I have been working on a couple of Wintery Christmas type dresses, hopefully to be released in the next few days, they are relatively plain, understated and conservative.  LOL...a new twist on much of the clothing you see In-World. 

I have had to look up a number of Photoshop tools and shortcuts to make my life easier.  Since I can never find things when I want them, I thought this would be a nice place to post them for me to find in the future...LOL. I hope these quick tips and shortcuts will be useful to you and others that may stumble across this blog. 

Please be aware, I use CS6 and a MAC and could forget to add the PC alternative.  Generally, the only difference between the shortcuts are MAC will use the Command key; whereas, PC will use Control.  So, to save me some time I will use Command/Control then the additional keystroke, where appropriate. 

Please keep checking back.  I will be flagging this as a page so it is easy to find...I hope...and add to that page the bits and pie…


From time to time, I like to share interesting or useful products I use to help my creative processes become easier.  I am a very hard woman to please and DO NOT give out idle compliments.  A compliment given is one well deserved.  

Today's creative talent is Xoph Adamczyk and the product in the spotlight today is Beadrez Necklace Generator V6.


I purchased this product earlier in the year and have just now had the opportunity to really use it.  I am rather slow a creator because I am too much of a perfectionist I suppose.

Anyway, I started messing around with it last night in order to create a necklace for a specific clothing outfit I am going to release this weekend for the Winter Holiday Season.  I was really surprised at what I was able to make to compliment the outfit rather quickly.  

For anyone that has EVER tried to make necklace or skirts by hand, you know how tedious, frustrating and time consuming this can be.   Beadrez takes out this frustratio…

Good Clothing Tutorial For Beginners

I have been working on creating SL layered clothing in Photoshop for the past few days.  I am not an expert, and like many new Designers/Creators and in the beginning stages.  While I don't expect to be some successful SL Clothing Designer, I do think I can make a few things that are suited to my tastes and have been unable to find.

I like layered clothing because it does conform to your shape much better than the mesh stuff I have seen and doesn't look like it has that baked on clay look to it.  But, this is my personal preferences at this point in time.

Anyway, you know, sometimes you accidentally find things you just feel like you need to share with others?  Well such is the case with the following video series I stumbled on this morning while looking for some information on creating a more "finished" look for necklines. 

 I do not know this person nor have I purchased anything from her.  I simply found AmberChaudry Corpur's (SL AV name) Youtube videos (Ma…

We Made It!

Yay, we made it!

Hell House Studios made it into the Antique Grid Show Spotlight!  If you would like to read the interview, please follow the link below. 

Antique Grid Show Spotlight--Hell House Studios

Designing Clothing for SL-Part 1-Understanding Standard Sizes

Okay, so let's get started.....

SECOND LIFE AVATAR STANDARD SIZES I am sure there will be those who will disagree with my assessment, but to me, from my personal experiences and observations, one of the most important things I think any good designer has to be aware of when making layered clothing ( more so when creating mesh), like Real Life, there is NO standard size or shape Avatar (AV) in  Second Life (SL). Oh, there may be some self imposed or collaborative standards between a few creators, but on the whole, there just aren't any "true" standards.

 SL Residents come in all shapes, sizes, and genders.  Residents can look like a variety of animals, Elves, fairies, trolls, ogres, Jedi, robots, anime characters, super heroes, vampires, historical figures, and aliens. You can make you shape such that you look like a small child or,  you can be hulking giant.  You can be fat, pregnant, anorexic, or, somewhere in between. The list of what your body shape will be is wha…

My Version of Designing Clothing for SL-Part 0

Yes, I know other Second Life Residents  have done tutorials on the subject of making layered clothing.  But, I have wanted to do this series for a long time and add my personal spin to gathering together various sites and resources, which have helped me along the way.  I am NO SL layered clothing expert.  What you will find in theses series of articles are my thoughts and approaches only.

By the way, I have a very full RL and SL, which means  new articles you may be waiting breathlessly for, could cause you to become oxygen deprived.  I will do these as I can.

 Okay, there are a couple of things you should know upfront before you get too excited. 

1)  I AM NOT some big name Clothing Creator/Designer/Merchant in Second Life sharing secrets with you so you can get rich in SL.  Actually, none of what I am going share is really a "secret".  All the "secrets" are already out there, they are just not in one place. And, unless you know what you are looking for, you may…

Last Day--In-World Special! Christmas Wreathes

Today is the LAST DAY for the "In-World Christmas Wreathes Special"!

The price on both wreathes increases  at 0:00 GMT (not SLT)   My apologies to Second Life Market Place Shoppers, but this offer is available IN-WORLD ONLY. Blue Magnolia Wreath
     Sculpted 1 Prim
     Modify/Copy/No Transfer

Twinkling Candy Cane Wreath
     Sculpted 2 Prims
     Modify/Copy/No Transfer

Hurry, and get your wreathes before I arrive home from work and the price goes up!

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum...Your Branches Green Delight Us

Whew, what a Sunday!

Between being sick in RL, helping a new merchant find a spot in to the newly opened HHS-The Village, tidying up my workspace, and talking to a number of you wonderful folks in The Village today, time simply got away from me.  

I wasn't able to get all accomplished what I wished to building-wise this weekend.  I will have to plug along this coming week and try to finish-up the new Sleigh Bed I have been building.  It needs some final texturing and animation added.  I dread setting up animations.  They are a very time consuming process.  Unlike some, I do not use an engine,  I set my animations one by one for perfect fit to the creation.

Plus, I have one or two gothy type Christmas outfits in my head I want to try to create and release with accessories and boots for the upcoming Holiday Season. 

But, what I did accomplish was the new Evergreen Packs!  I had a couple of requests for these packs and still have a couple more to finish with different kinds of scu…

Hunts--Nearly Half Way Through...

...the month of November.  Thanksgiving is a week from this coming Thursday...then Black Friday ushers in the Holidays.  

Some parts of this year have drug so slowly, especially the horrible heat and drought we had for weeks and weeks and still have not recovered from.  But, this Autumn seems to have flown by and snow is starting to fall in some areas. 

 Bbbrrrr.... but....Winter is going to be upon us soon and is not my favorite season.  

Be that as it may,  there are still several weeks left for all of you Hunters and Huntresses out there to participate in the Antique Grid Show-Autumn Hunt.  There are some really great gifts being given away, especially if you are an antique buff.  So get out there and HUNT!

P.S. I want to thank Thaddeus, the Hunt Organizer, for putting on this event, and allowing Hell House Studios to participate. 

P. S.S. If you liked this event, why don't you drop him an IM or notecard telling him  your thoughts on the hunt and encourage him to stage another!

Twinkling Christmas Tree Released Today

I have released 4 new Christmas trees today, in-world and on the SL Market Place. I have posted the In-World informational sign from the Christmas Tree Lot, which DOES NOT show all 4 trees.
You can either see them for yourself In-World or browse the SL Market Place. 

Be sure to set your environmental settings to Midnight, to see the pretty glow of the twinkling colored lights when you visit In-World.  SLURL to Christmas Trees

Description-Scuplt & Partial MeshSculpted Fir Christmas Tree
Approximately 3.5-4.0 M Tall 
8-prims per tree.
Housed in a deep crimson pot
Twinkling, Colored, Scripted Mesh Lights
No Copy/No Modify/Transfer Only
View at Midnight for beautiful light effect.  

This tree was purposefully left undecorated for you to personalize it with your own treasured ornaments.  This cute little Christmas tree should become what you wish it to be. 

Start your SL Family Christmas Traditions today!

The 7 Deadly Sins....

I seem to be caught up in Hunt Madness this month.  First, as aGift Creator for the Antique Grid Show-Autumn Hunt and now, as a Huntress, in The 7 Deadly Sins Hunt.  

I embarked on The 7 Deadly Sins hunt since I had never participated in one before...Yes...I am a late bloomer!   1) see what it was to participate in a hunt to better understand Hunt participants, 2) figure out what works and doesn't work 3) a new opportunity to discover new creators.

The 7 Deadly Sins Hunt is geared towards SL Creators offering full perm items from over 70 creators for 2L a prize.  Great value and inexpensive prices to help creators make new and wonderful things to offer residents of SL.  

Pride is excessive belief in one's own abilities, that interferes with the individual's recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity. Envy is the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation.  Glut…

In-World Special! Christmas Wreathes

It won't be long before the 2012 Holidays are here!

I am trying to get a jump start on the Season this year since I am soooo terribly slow. Well, not really slow...okay...yes, I am a slow has to just be right before it goes out the door.  Simply to man tasks, ideas, and things I want to learn, which causes me to get side-tracked very often. 

Before I get too gar off the beaten path, I wanted to let you know I posted a couple of new items to start moving us towards the Holidays a bit early.  I have put them up for sale last night.  These are simple and inexpensive items up on offer. 

I will leave these up for sale till Monday, November 12, 2012 at the price listed below.  After that, the price goes up.

The above is a display-- information only--at the Village.  Touch the actual wreath you wish to buy from it.
Touch the SLURL  to take you to the Village Annex in world Slurl to Wreaths
Blue Magnolia Wreath
     Sculpted 1 Prim
     Modify/Copy/No Transfer



Yes, We are now OPEN!

HHS-The Village Shopping District is now open for shopping and establishments available for let.  

Visit us at the following Slurl.

WE HAVE MOVED--Antique Grid Show -Autum Hunt


....OUR TP POINT...for the Antique Grid Show-Autumn Hunt to the newly opened HHS-The Village shopping area. 

You can find us at the following SURL

More Snowy Tree Packs Release

As promised, Snowy Tree Pack-1 has been released in-world and on SL Market Place.  Also, I am releasing several other packs as well.  

Old prim/sculpt technology updated in mesh.

What is in the package?
1-7 Meter Tall-Physical-Snow Covered Tree
1-7 Meter Tall-Non-Physical-Snow Covered Tree

Copy Only

How much is it?

What is in the package? 1-5 Meter Tall-Physical-Snow Covered Tree 1-5 Meter Tall-Non-Physical-Snow Covered Tree
Permissions? Copy Only
How much is it? 50L
What is in the package?
1-5 Meter Tall-Physical-Snow Covered Tree
1-5 Meter Tall-Non-Physical-Snow Covered Tree
1-7 Meter Tall-Physical-Snow Covered Tree
1-7 Meter Tall-Non-Physical-Snow Covered Tree
1-10 Meter Tall-Physical-Snow Covered Tree
1-10 Meter Tall-Non-Physical-Snow Covered Tree

Copy Only

How much is it?

This is a 25L savings over buying each set individually!

These trees are an inexpensive and low-prim way to add a touch of winter for the upcoming Holiday Season.

Be daring...give 'em a try.

Snowy Winter Tree Pack 1

I have been making another attempt at learning Blender.  The learning curve has been pretty steep and has taken me a long time to wrap my head around 3-D modeling concepts. But, on the a bright note I am progressing.  Woo Hoo!

So, my first mesh offering is a simple snow covered tree to grace your homes and sims.

This is a 1 prim, low-polygon, mesh tree.  

 I thought this tree turned out quite well.  When applied to the mesh tree base, the alpha tree texture  is very crisp, clear, and shows some nice realistic details.

This tree is reminiscent of the original SL 3-4 prim plants/trees with applied alpha textures we had for so long before sculpts came into being making it possible to be more organic  (Yes, I am an ancient SL soul I think) This is a mesh tree is of similar design. 

"Wait!  You mean it is like those boring old alpha trees with those dreaded alpha textures on them"?

Yep, that is what I mean exactly.

"Ewww! Why would I want those kinds of trees ever again"?

Opening Soon!--Hell House Studio's Winter Village

Yes, I am a little late posting this.  I..ummm...well, I got distracted by the 7 Deadly Sins Hunt that is going on from now till the end of the month. 

While the Antique Grid Show-Autumn Hunt is my first hunt as a merchant to participate in, the 7 Deadly Sins Hunt is my first hunt as a resident. So, since I was distracted, I...umm...forgot I promised to post a few pictures of the new shop area. 

Anyway, here are a few shots of what I have been working on in the village shopping area

These in-world photos were taken on a night setting and have not been retouched.

Just a faint hint of glow in the buildings, seems to gives an atmosphere of snowy realism. Yes, that's me in the background.

Can you believe these realistic-looking, low-polygon mesh, alpha-textured, snowy trees, when linked with the corresponding winter plants, are ONLY 5 prims?  The old fashioned prim way, they would have been 60 prims minimum.  And, I seriously doubt that sculpt trees and plants would come in under 10 …

Links, and Urls and Blogs...Oh, My!

Sometime, I am not the sharpest or brightest crayon in the box when it comes to using all the features in Blogger.  Being an old soul, I remember when it was necessary to know HTML if you wanted a nice pretty blog or web site.  Fast Forward to here and now, chose a do-it-yourself template and with a few click....instant BLOG or web site...thank heavens cause HTML was a real pain for us not brainiacs.

Okay, okay, I am not here to reminisce and bore you with my trials and tribulations over blogs and web sites, but I do want to let you know we now have a Blog and URL Links spot on the blog. It is on the gadgets panel on the right, at the top.

I am not sure how others use this area, but I will be using it for BOTH blog links and URLS for things I think would be useful and/or interesting to other SL Residents, especially anyone wishing  to bring their ideas to life in SL. 

Maybe it is just me, but I am forever losing or forgetting to bookmark to great sites.  When I go back later to look …


Yes, I am a little bit excited!

I want to thank each of the Hunters/Huntresses, who has visited Hell House Studios during the opening day of the Antique Grid Show's Autumn Hunt. 

Your participation in this to view my wares while finding a small gift really is a great support tool for me as a creator.  I have spoken with a few of you and garnered a few ideas to begin work on soon. Thank you for your great ideas!

I do hope you pardon the mess in the current "Swamp" shopping area that I put up for Halloween!  I am working on a winter themed shopping area that should be opening soon and will move my hunt item, landmark, and hint giver to this area.  If you came early, please stop back by for a visit to see what is on offer.

Also, for those interested a great write up was done at "Chic at Phil's Place" blog about the Autumn Hunt.

Here is a link to visit to that blog with other interesting articles and links to even more great SL Blogs!



Autumn Hunt Apologies!

Dear Hunter/Huntress,

I want to thank you for dropping by the sim to find the item I have on offer and, for participating in this great hunt!

Early this morning, while I was at work, it was discovered by Hunter/Huntress the item being offered from Hell House Studios was missing the shadow texture.  Sometimes, SL is unkind when it comes to the quirkiness of temporary textures, causing even the best creator to think their build is complete.   Such was the case with the item picked up from my store early this morning.

I have since corrected the error and sent copies to those Hunters/Huntresses, showing in my SL transaction log, that may have received the less than perfect object. 

Please accept my sincerest apologies for my error.  

Also, I want to thank Rosamoo for bringing this to my attention.  I sincerely appreciate your patience and kindness.  As I told Rosamoo, this is my first hunt a merchant, and as a resident of SL.  I do hope you like my product and will visit Hell Hous…